Japanese Pool Player Was Victorious & When Interviewed in English, He Sang PPAP

Language can be a pretty daunting obstacle to overcome.

And that’s especially so if you’re slapped with questions that sound like utter gibberish to you, and you’re actually expected to reply them. In front of an audience, no less.

While I’m sure many, me included, will surely falter and retreat just to avoid embarrassing ourselves, this guy chose not to.

Instead, he chose to handle it in a happy, confident and professional manner.

What happened?

On 8 December 2017, Facebook page Bigpost 大时报 published a video on its social media site.

In the video, a Japanese pool player can be seen going for the last ball.

Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

Upon sinking it in, he raised his arms in a victorious stance. The footage then cuts to a scene where he’s being interviewed.

Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

The interviewer then asks him a question: “We thought you’ve won it a couple of racks before you did win it.”

Looking real serious, the pool player says, “My name is Naoyuki Oi. Today I am very, very lucky. Congratulations me! Yay!” He then spreads his arms in the sky in a victorious fashion.

Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

“English a little, no problem! A little!” he continues.

Looking amused, the interviewer asks him another question: “So erm… you had that shot to win it, and then you kind of recreated it for the crowd afterwards. When that shot didn’t go in, did you think… you might have blown it here?”

“Uh… I have a pen; I have an apple,” Naoyuki starts to recite lyrics from PPAP’s worldwide hit.

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Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

“O E Apple pen!”

He giggles for a bit, before saying excitedly,”Sono kanji!”

“I’ve never done an interview quite like this before, Naoyuki. Do you think you can win this tournament?”

“Um… um… um… no problem!”

The video then flashes to another instant at the very same venue. From the look of things, Naoyuki seems to have lost the round.

Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

“Hard luck after that loss today. How are you feeling?” the interviewer asked.

“Um… err… excuse me? Can you speak English? You, me? No English? No problem? Everything, happyyyyy!”

Naoyuki then starts getting real animated, as he chants PPAP’s song lyrics again.

“I have a pen. I have a orange. Apple pen! Omg! Thank you!”

Image: Bigpost 大时报 Facebook Page

You can watch the full video here:



Posted by Bigpost 大时报 on Thursday, 7 December 2017

I have an apple; I have a pen

Well what can I say?

It’s easy to be really animated after winning a match, seeing how you’ll be chock-full of adrenaline and positivity.

Expressing the same feeling after losing an important match, however, is a whole different ball game.

Kudos, Naoyuki! You’ve shown that you’re a true man, whether victory or loss!

And we honestly wish you all the best at the next tournament!

Go on and win it!

Image: Imgflip

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Featured image: Facebook (Bigpost)