Local Actor Claims M’sia Media Firm Owes Him S$154,000 for a Series He Has Produced


A Malaysian media company kept delaying the payment of the production costs, causing Jaspers Lai to fork out 6-digit figures of Malaysian ringgit to pay the people who have been working in front of and behind the scenes.

Jaspers Lai is a Singaporean actor who earned his fame in the Ah Boys To Men franchise, portraying one of the side characters CPL Handsome. His popularity soared further when he created a web persona called “YaGood” (暴牙菇) on YouTube.

On Monday (9 Oct), he revealed to 8world News and Shin Min Daily News that a certain Malaysian media company that he was working with had delayed paying the production costs.

He sighed, “It doesn’t matter if I’m the only one eating the loss, but the artists that worked with me, as well as the staff behind the scenes are innocent!”

After he established his company YaGood Entertainment, Jaspers was invited by a certain Malaysian media company to produce two shows.

The 35-year-old actor revealed that when they were signing the contract, the other party was supposed to make the initial payment first, but they said they needed some time.

However, even after they were done filming the two shows, the company did not pay the production costs at all. Instead, they kept postponing it for half a year.

As such, many workers approached him and asked who was going to fund the entire production.

Feeling embarrassed, Jaspers said he would take out his wallet and pay for the things that need to be paid for first.

The two shows were by no means cheap; the total production costs for both shows exceeds 500,000RM (approximately S$154,095), and he has forked out a 6-digit figure in ringgit for the salaries of the staff working in front of and behind the scenes.

Jaspers added that the media company is constantly coming up with excuses. Although they started to pay for some of the costs later, bit by bit, the majority of the production is still unpaid for.

When asked if he would be taking legal action, Jaspers said frankly, “I need some time to consider this. I will try not to take such measures, so I hope the media company can wake up and do what’s right.”

As for why Jaspers chose to expose this problem, the actor explained that the company’s actions have disappointed him greatly. He wishes to use this opportunity to let the audience know that while artists are bringing joy and laughter to everyone else, they are under a huge amount of pressure as well.

He hopes that when everyone views the final work, they can appreciate all the time and effort that they put into it, because behind the screen lies the blood and sweat of the crew, as well as the capital and resources spent. 

Although Jaspers is exposing the media company’s fraud, he has also reached a point where he is not expecting much. If he does not get back his money, he will just treat this as a lesson learnt.

Sometimes, there are just companies out there who can’t be trusted.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jaspers)