S’porean Who Pretended to be Indian Goddess Forced 5 People to Eat Human Faeces


A 52-year-old woman who purportedly pretended to be the embodiment of an Indian goddess was given several extra charges last week for allegedly forcing her “devotees” to eat human faeces and pulling out their teeth.

This really gives a new definition to “holier-than-thou” and “eat shit”, but not in a good way.

Woo May Hoe currently faces a total of 50 charges, which includes cheating, causing hurt by means of a harmful substance and causing grievous hurt.

What is with cults and eating human excretions, seriously.

The accused has been remanded for roughly two years since she was first arrested in October 2020, when she was first brought to court and charged with 10 offences.

Another 40 charges were then handed to her last Thursday (6 Oct), after more than 14 victims were engaged.

The prosecution stated that the charges have been finalised.

Reportedly, her crimes took place between 2012 and May 2020, which was the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The List of Offences

According to the court documents, Woo allegedly forced five people to swallow human faeces as “punishment”.

One female victim, now aged 43, suffered many injuries at Woo’s hands:

  • Both her ankles were fractured after she was forced to jump from the second floor of Ubi Techpark building.
  • Her tooth was forcibly extracted with a pair of pliers
  • Forearm was stabbed with a pair of scissors
  • Her eye was damaged after she was hit with a bundle of canes
  • Fractured her little finger after her head and hand was hit by a paint roller brush
  • Hit her head with a bottle and twisted her ear until it bled
  • Essential oil was poured into an eye, causing a “corneal abrasion”
  • Hit her buttocks with a mop

Furthermore, Woo allegedly instructed another woman to pull out the victim’s teeth.

From the list of abusive actions, it seems as though Woo used every household item at her disposal to torment her victim.

In addition to the physical abuse, Woo is accused of cheating several victims of millions of dollars.

Her victims would hand over sums ranging from S$3,000 to S$100,00 for Woo to buy cows as a “form of donation” to redeem their sins, alleviate their medical conditions, or prevent their parents from being ill of health.

In 2012, a woman gave Woo S$500,000 for those reasons.

Starting out strong, I see.

Between 2013 and early 2015, the same woman gave S$2.5 million after Woo purportedly told her that she needed the funds to build a “Balaji” temple at Vellore Village in India.

Woo supposedly cheated the same woman into forking out another S$3.5 million, after claiming that she needed to sponsor the expansion of a school built by “Amma” – which means “Mother” in Tamil – at the same village.

Her victim is quite rich…

In 2020, Woo allegedly got the victim to give her S$12,000 by lying that she borrowed money from Malaysian loan sharks to pay for a landed property along Bedok Road.

Woo’s charges also included her conspiring to cheat banks into disbursing mortgage loans for several properties, which ranged between S$185,000 to S$4.6 million.

Woo is due in court on 17 November for a pre-trial conference. Her bail is set at S$200,000.

If found guilty of causing hurt by forcing someone to swallow a harmful substance, she could face a maximum jail term of 10 years and a fine for each offence. Causing grievous hurt carries the same penalties.

Both offences carry the possibility of caning as well, but caning women in Singapore is prohibited.

If she is convicted of cheating, she will also be liable to up to 10 years in jail and fined.

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