Jay Chou is a Very Spoil-Market Guy Who Bought 80% of His Wife’s Bags

Image: helloasia.com.au


There are two types of guys: one who spoil market by showing the world how well he treats his SO, and one who understand every guy’s pains and complain about their SO during ICT.

Case in point: one of my colleagues actually posted in Facebook on the cake he baked for his girlfriend during their anniversary.

Mini world wars occurred in several male colleagues’ nights the next day, as the questions of “You got see what he did? Why can’t you do that as well?” caused many sleepless nights for the rest of us.

Another case in point: Jay Chou.

Other than bringing us great songs, the mandopop songwriter and singer has been spoiling the market indirectly: I say indirectly, because someone else saw his actions and posted it online instead.

For example, he gave up his goal of having five children after seeing how painful giving birth is (weapon of choice for SO: “You see Jay Chou so understanding, why you so like that?!).

And in another example, he rented an entire floor of a confinement hotel just so to provide more privacy for his wife (weapon of choice for SO: “You see Jay Chou cares for his wife so much, why you so like that?!).

And now…this.


Trust me, this is worse.

So, Mrs Chou, known more commonly as Hannah Quinlivan, attended an art installation art show and opening party in Taipei. No biggie, except that she said something she really shouldn’t have said.

A reporter asked if Jay Chou bought bags for her, and guess what she said?

“Yes, 80% of the time.”

Mrs Chou, do you know that saying that means 80% of the girlfriends and wives are going to say this to their guys: “You see, Jay Chou buys 80% of his wife’s bags, and you didn’t even buy one for me?!”

To all boyfriends and husbands who have read this: press the “X” on the top right corner now, clear your browsing history and to be safe, clear your cache as well. For the next few weeks, never play any Jay Chou song anywhere.

To all girlfriends and wives who have read this…it’s time to draw arms.

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