Jay Chou Expecting Third Child; Had Wanted Only to Announce After Child is Born

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Well-known for his unique vocals and ever-growing discography of soulful Mandarin ballads including Love ConfessionChrysanthemum Terrace and Silence, Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou is not an unfamiliar figure at all. Recently, he has taken the spotlight again with his latest exciting announcement—a third child.

Surprise Announcement

On 19 January, Jay Chou posted a photo on Instagram of himself posing quite hilariously next to his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, who looks heavily pregnant.


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A post shared by Jay Chou 周杰倫 (@jaychou)

In the post, Chou, wrote in Mandarin, “I originally wanted to announce this after the baby is born, but it seems like the news is out. This is the most beautiful gift.” Awww.

He then proceeded to tag his wife and added the hashtag #arriving soon.

Quinlivan also took to her Instagram to post a backshot of the family of four, with the caption “N°5 coming soon!” She then tagged Chou and added “#teamboy or #teamgirl”.


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A post shared by Jen Hannah (@hannah_quinlivan)

Should we also mention that the two share matching profile pictures? Truly couple goals.

Chou, who recently turned 43 on 18 January, has been married to Quinlivan, 28, since 2015. Together, they have two children, a daughter Hathaway, six, and son Jaylen Romeo, four.

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Support from Fans & Celebrities

Despite it being a bu neng shuo de mi mi (secret that cannot be told), fans flocked to the post to congratulate the singer and his wife.

They were also congratulated by other celebrities, namely actor Vanness Wu, Mayday lead singer Ashin Chen and WayV’s leader Qian Kun.

Hidden from Public Eye

Just a day earlier, Quinlivan had posted a photo of herself leaning on Chou to celebrate his birthday. Proving she has a funny bone, she added the caption “Happy birthday, my support”, a nod to her pose in the photo.


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A post shared by Jen Hannah (@hannah_quinlivan)

Even though she was well into the pregnancy by then, fans did not suspect anything as she sported a thick coat that covered her belly.

Chou had also posted a video on his birthday, in which Quinlivan was seated and holding a birthday cake, her belly once again unrevealed.

Quinlivan has not appeared in public since attending an event in November last year, probably in an attempt to keep the pregnancy a secret. Despite the early reveal, the two managed to keep the happy news to themselves for a while at least.

Regardless, fans are eagerly anticipating the birth of the child and we also hope the couple receives their shuo hao de xing fu (promised happiness).

P.S. We hope you caught all the references to Jay Chou’s hits.


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