Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-A Admits to Wearing Fake Designer Items & Apologises Publicly

Remember Song Ji-A, the Korean influencer everyone fell head-over-heels in love with?

Well, the Single’s Inferno star who is best known for her designer fashion admitted that some of her designer stuff… is actually fake.

Here’s how she got exposed.

YouTuber Accused Song of Fake Designer Items By Comparing Them With Real Ones

A K-showbiz gossip YouTube channel Sojang uploaded a video that accused Song of wearing fake designer items. The video went viral with over a million views.

Then, because substantiation is important, the channel uploaded another video with even more examples, including the outfits she wore on Single’s Inferno.

Sojang revealed discrepancies in necklines and patterns, as well as exposing how some pieces she wore did not even exist in the brands’ collections.

Other allegedly fake items also include jewellery that cost over $6,000.

Both videos have English subtitles, so you can watch them for all of the juicy details that eagle-eyed Sojang spotted.

Well, necklines and patterns can be hidden easily enough through some editing or taking your pictures really far away. But wearing fake items that didn’t even exist? Now that’s a tricky situation to get out of.

Song Admits Allegations Are True, Posts Handwritten Apology Letter

The two videos were posted on 15 and 17 January. Song responded with an Instagram apology on 17 January, before any more receipts can be pulled up.

According to translations, Song started her letter with an apology to those who have been “disappointed and hurt” because of her actions. This includes her fans, subscribers, and brand representatives as well.

She then admitted that the allegations of her wearing fake designer items on Single’s Inferno and her social media are true. Additionally, she apologised for her ignorance of copyright and for her infringement of the designers’ creations.

As someone who wants to launch her own brand someday, Song said that she will reflect seriously on her actions. She promised to be more careful in the future.

The influencer has also acknowledged the controversy her actions has caused and thus deleted all context involving the exposed fake items.

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Netizens’ Responses: Support VS Criticism?

Some of her fans expressed support for her, even dismissing her actions as a small thing that’s not worth apologising for.

Meanwhile, other netizens criticised her for disrespecting the brands’ designers, especially since she has dreams to start her own brand.

Netizens also speculated if her previous haul videos have been filmed with fake items as well? She only deleted posts of fake items that have been exposed. Does that mean there are still unexposed fake goods up on her page?

Well, for someone who has a total of over 173 million views on her YouTube channel and 3.4 million followers on Instagram, she can probably afford to fund her designer-themed wardrobe.

For real now!

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Featured Image: YouTube (【탈덕수용소】 Sojang)