Jay Chou Drops New Song, Mojito, For His Netflix Show & It’s Totally Not Jay Chou At All

As any Mandopop fan would surely be aware of, Jay Chou is primarily known for his meaningful, emotional ballads: song titles that, to me, evoke a real sense of closeness and melancholy.

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And though he does have a repertoire of tracks that deviates from the ‘norm’, he has ultimately remained faithful to the original genre that first brought him fame.

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But every once in a while, you get a new Jay Chou song title that’s so unconventional…

So unexpectedly different…

That you just can’t help but do a double take. And lest you’re wondering…

Jay Chou’s latest release, Mojito, is that song.

Jay Chou Drops New Song For His Netflix Show & It’s Totally Not Jay Chou At All

Amidst the filming of Netflix’s J-Style Trip travelogue, Mandopop star Jay Chou has found a little spare time to drop a whole new single…


Filmed on location in Havana, Cuba, the 3:08 music video sees the 41-year-old rocking colourful shirts and ‘dance-walking’ his way through the charming city. He can also be seen in a hot pink vintage car, alongside his brigade.

The song is a breath of fresh air from his usual melancholy singles, and encompasses a catchy tune with funky lyrics.

I, for one, really dig this latest Latin-inspired title of Chou’s. To the repeat button, sorry in advance.

You can view the full video down below:

Despite being released just two days ago (11 June), the video has already garnered over 5 million views.

It is also trending #1 in several countries, including Singapore.

Cuba Fever

According to CNA Lifestylethe decision to film the music video in Cuba stemmed from Jay Chou’s lifelong wish to visit the urban nation.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba,” said Chou. “They have so many different styles of antique cars and everyone knows I love vintage. That’s why we went to Cuba to film the MV.”

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And when asked about the song name and the inspiration behind it, the Mandopop star answered with a sense of humour.

“I think Alang was drunk when he wrote the lyrics,” joked the star, referring to lyricist Alang Huang who wrote the lyrics.

As for future plans, Chou reveals that he doesn’t have plans to release any single.

If any release does happen, it would be an album instead.

“If I were to release something new, it’s going to be an album,” he said.


Well, on behalf of all the Jay Chou fans out there, let me just say;

We hope the day will come. As soon as possible.

And by the way, if you’d like to hear a meaningful Jay Chou song, we have one in our YouTube channel here (done in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force, of course):

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