Jay Chou’s Wife Organized Sports Day to Celebrate Jay Chou’s Birthday


What are some of the most thoughtful gifts your other half has given you?

Or if you’re single as a pringle, what are some of the most memorable birthday celebrations your friends planned for you?

Mandopop king Jay Chou not only earn a “next level” amount, his 39th birthday celebration was also on a whole new level.

The 24-year-old wife of the Taiwanese singer planned a sports day for him and invited close friends to join in the fun.

Model-actress Hannah Quinlivan posted about the event on her Instagram and explained that the idea behind it was because she miss the sports events at school.

The event held on 12 Jan, 6 days before Jay Chou’s birthday, was named “Jay Cup”.

Those at the event were split into two teams, Red Team led by Chou himself, and the Black Team by famous lyricist Vincent Fang, who happens to be one of Chou’s closest partner.

Image:Instagram @hannah_quinlivan
Some guests include Nan Quan Mama’s Devon Song, as well as Taiwanese couple Johnny Yang and Beatrice Fang, with their daughter, Mia.
As seen from their backview, the personalised sports wear all had the number 18 at the back. This is because Chou’s birthday is on the 18th, and also to wish him to be “forever 18”.


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In a photo posted on Hannah’s Instagram, Hathaway (Jay and Hannah’s 3-year-old daughter) can be seen with her back to the camera and she sits on the floor hugging Mia.

Image: Instagram @hannah_quinlivan

Unlike Mia’s parents, Jay Chou and his wife have always avoided showing their children to the public, and this is just another cute shot of Hathaway’s back view.

Of course, the punishment in this whole new level birthday celebration has to reach the same standard as well.

According to setn.com, the losing team had to put stockings on their head, but I never got to find out if it did happen, due to the lack of photos.


But to make it up and for your imagination, here’s a photo of famous hostess Dee Xu doing it:

Image: eastday.com

On the same day

In another article, it was reported that Jay Chou committed three traffic offences at one go after the celebration.

The pop star heading towards Tianmu Shopping District with his wife.

In the photo below, he drove into the “bus only” lane in a jam:

Image: Apple Daily

He also parked on the red line, which is prohibited.

Image: Apple Daily

The singer also crossed a double white line.

China Times reported that the couple was inspecting an empty store and that Chou has plans to start a business for his wife.

His agency replied that the media is “thinking too much”.


Although there are no statements from Jay Chou himself yet, I would think that he probably have some answering to do.

The star is guilty of many such traffic offences in the past (just ask your friends who are his fans), but the numbers have decreased ever since his family expanded.

If he happens to be in the know of his offences, he probably wouldn’t have cared cos the fines are like nothing to him.


On the other hand, maybe he was too tired after the sports event to notice?

I’m just listing out the possibilities, but I guess we would have to watch on to find out!

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