Jay Chou’s Wife is Starring in a Movie with The Rock


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If you’re a true-blue Singaporean, regardless of your race, you would know of Jay Chou.

The Taiwanese superstar is known for his catchy mandopop songs and his numerous acting gigs which extends all the way to Hollywood.

If you’re not a huge fan of him, what you might not know is that he is off the market.

This heartthrob is married to the 23-year old Australian-Taiwanese actress/model—Hannah Quinlivan.

Image: instagram.com/hannah_quinlivan/

FYI, she is a mother of two (can’t tell, can you?).

She is quite well-known in Taiwanese media and she made her first acting debut at the tender age of 14, and the rest was history.


She recently acted alongside Orlando Bloom in an action thriller film, S.M.A.R.T. Chase which was released in China this year.

Image: instagram.com/hannah_quinlivan/

But now she is moving on to greener pastures and aiming high as she is filming her first Hollywood film with another actor whose nickname is of a mineral, The Rock.

Image: giphy.com

If you have no idea who Dwayne Johnson is, then you must be really living under a rock (no pun intended).

Jumping from the wrestling scene, he has made it to Hollywood appearing in more than 30 films so far such as Baywatch, Hercules and the never-ending Fast & Furious franchise.


The Rock posted a pic with Hannah Quinlivan on his Instagram to show how it would all look like.

Image: instagram.com/therock

With this caption:

Don’t judge this sweet lookin’ book by its cover – lethality comes in all sizes.
Pleasure working with this woman @hannah_quinlivan and can’t wait for the world to see her in our movie.

Wonderful energy she has. Great job Hanna! 🙌🏾

#ShesDangerousAndDeadly#TheWayILikeEm #SkyscraperMovie#Vancouver #HongKong SUMMER 2018

So its official, Dwayne Johnson and Hannah Quinlivan will be starring in the upcoming summer blockbuster, Skyscraper.

If Dwayne Johnson is involved, I am sure the film is packed with lots of action (or humour?).

Though it is not known what will Hannah Quinlivan’s role will be, Dwayne Johnson will be playing as a former FBI hostage Rescue Team Leader who is framed for arson.

Now I think it is safe to say that Hannah Quinlivan can stand on her merits and not be referred to as Jay Chou’s wife.

Here is a fun fact: Singaporean actor Chin Han will be also in the film. His filmography includes movies the likes of The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Ghost in the Shell.

Image: comicbookmovie.com

Jay Chou’s wife, The Rock and a Singaporean? Going to be one heck of a movie, I’d guess.

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