Jacky Wu Shows How He’s Still Friends with Jay Chou With Glutinous Rice

As much as we hope for friendships to be ever-lasting, the fact is that reality doesn’t quite work that way.

Just look at the classic Bro-bro incident; that one’s the textbook example of best friend breakups.

And for a short while, it seemed that even Jay Chou and Jacky Wu’s friendship was in jeopardy.

Jay Chou’s second child had turned one-month-old recently, and in celebration of the occasion, the Chou family have sent out glutinous rice gifts to family and friends.

However, it seemed that Taiwanese host Jacky Wu had actually not been a recipient of it.

This was a really controversial call, considering that Wu was a huge part of Chou’s stairway to stardom.

Wu had reportedly not taken well to it either, with claims that he had joking said, “Jay would not be receiving anything either should he have another child.”

But the singer has since denied it, with a Facebook post on the social media site.

Direct translation:

I received the glutinous rice! <3

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But I didn’t eat it.

Because~~~ Sandy (Wu’s eldest daughter) ate it…

*End of translation*

Well, we’re glad it ended well?

How did the speculations even come about?

Jacky Wu and Jay Chou have a very drama-like relationship going on.

Back when Chou was struggling to find a job, it was Wu who had offered him a chance (although you gotta give Chou’s mother credit for seeking Wu out in the first place).

When Chou was trying his utmost to survive in the industry, it was Wu who had stepped to the fore and helped him launch his album.

The rest, as they say, was history. Chou became a megastar, with multiple awards and movies to his name. Best of all? He’s now married to the lovely Hannah Quinlivan, and is the proud father of two kids.

But the golden duo’s relationship didn’t stay as such in the eyes of the media, after Wu had sold off his music company Alfa Music, alongside Chou’s contract.

This seems to have touched Chou’s nerve, because in 2015, Chou had apparently not invited Wu to his wedding.

Image: Imgflip

However, the both of them never publicly acknowledged the rumours. In June, Wu clarified that there was no bad blood between them.

All’s well that ends well?

Hopefully, their friendship will survive the trials and ravaging of time.

Because honestly, we need more bromance in this world.

And if there’s something that will spark that much-needed development, it would be this golden combo.

Image: SporeLa.com

JackyJay ship ship!

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