Groomsman Sexually Assaulted Bride After Wedding Dinner; Couple Has Since Divorced

Last Updated on 2022-06-02 , 3:45 pm

Sexually assaulting your good friend’s wife after the wedding dinner? You probably can’t spell betrayal more clearly than that.

The 42-year-old man had been convicted of one count of molestation, and one count of sexually penetrating the woman without her consent. Here’s what happened.

Took Advantage of Bride While She Was Asleep

Deputy public prosecutors Ng Yiwen and Goh Yong Ngee revealed that alcohol was served during the couple’s wedding dinner in a downtown hotel in October 2016.

The dinner ended at about 11pm, and the couple, together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, continued to drink in the bridal suite. The suite has a living room area partitioned away from the bedroom and toilet.

The bedroom and living room are separated by a sliding door.

At about 1am, the bride took a shower and went to sleep in the bedroom while the others continued to drink in the living room. She slept on the right side of the bed, with the left side empty for her husband.

The bride later woke up to the feeling of somebody touching her chest underneath her nightgown, and also performing a sexual act on her.

Realised It Wasn’t Her Husband, Made Police Report

She then realised that the touches were not the same as her husband’s, which prompted her to try to take a look at the person. She could not see their face in the dark but could tell that the face was bigger than her husband’s.

She then asked the person who they were, but after not getting a reply, the scared bride left the room to look for her husband. The offender left the bedroom after the woman confronted him.

After waking her husband up from a sofa in the living room, the couple went to make a police report.

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Thought Bride Was His Wife?

The defence by lawyer Edmond Pereira said that the offender had fallen asleep on a sofa in the bridal suite.

However, the man earlier testified that he found himself on a bed when he woke up, not on a sofa. He also said that he had no idea how he had gotten there, and thought he was home.

He then reached over to caress the chest of the woman next to him, thinking that the bride was his wife. He allegedly stopped after hearing moans that did not sound like his wife’s.

The offender had also denied sexually penetrating the bride.

Did Not Find Offender Credible

Principal District Judge Victor Yeo said that he found the bride to be a credible and honest witness. On the other hand, the offender wasn’t found to be credible, and the alleged mistaken identity was unbelievable.

The offender is to be sentenced on 21 July.

For molestation, he can be jailed up to two years and either fined or caned. For sexually penetrating someone without consent, he can be jailed up to 20 years and fined or caned.

As for the couple, they have since divorced, though the reason for their split was not revealed.

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