China Fans Are So Obsessed with Cyndi Wang, She’s Now Indirectly Controlling a TV Station’s Share Prices


Remember Cyndi Wang Xinling, the “sweetheart goddess” of the early 2000s?

She’s back through a girl group survival show, and she’s probably going to make it through the final cut. Here’s why.

Appeared as Contestant in Girl Group Survival Show

Cyndi Wang, a Taiwanese singer who abruptly disappeared from public life about two decades ago, is back in the limelight.

The singer is participating as a contestant in the popular girl group survival show, Sisters Who Make Waves season three. The show features 30 female stars, who will compete to be part of a five-member all-female group.

Cyndi, who was known in China for her sweet appearance and vibrant dancing, appeared on the show in her trademark school uniform.

She performed her 2004 hit “Love You”, which was one of the top songs in China at its release. You’ll definitely remember this song after watching this short performance video:

After her appearance on the show on 20 May, Cyndi immediately topped the trending news list on both Weibo and the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin. Fans were delighted that their childhood idol is back, and looks untouched by time.

Fans Buy Stocks, Threaten to Dump Shares if Idol is Eliminated

Cyndi’s mainland Chinese fans, who are mostly middle-aged men, proceeded to buy the stocks of the TV station that is producing the show, Hunan TV.

Her fanbase threatened to dump their shares if Cyndi is eliminated from the context, reported Xiaoxiang Morning Herald.


Many of her fans also started buying stocks of investment funds that own shares of Hunan TV. In fact, this Cyndi craze even prompted money management platform Ant Fortune to warn the public to be cautious while buying stocks.

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The Nostalgic Power of Cyndi

Cyndi’s reappearance prompted such a wave of nostalgia that online searches for old Cyndi cassettes and CDs were 24 times higher as compared to a week ago.

Additionally, CDs that bear her autograph are being sold for more than 1,000 yuan, or USD$150. This is about ten times higher than the original sale price of the CD.

Referring to her re-emerging fame, Cyndi said on Weibo that it is a good thing if she can help the public recall happy memories.

“I will continue to work with you to create more memories, and hope to have you with me throughout various musical journeys.”

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Featured Image: Hunan TV