Jeff Ng Appears to Have Quietly Cancelled All His Performances


Just a month ago, people would be planning how to get to Handy Road early to catch Jeff Ng’s performance, and the For Your Page feed in TikTok would be filled with Jeff Ng videos.


There’s a chance that after people cancelled Jeff Ng, Jeff Ng is cancelling all his performances now…quietly.

Next Performance Supposed to Be Tonight (16 July)

Lest you’re not aware, buskers can’t anyhowly just set up their equipment and sing anywhere they want.

Other than having to register as buskers with the National Arts Council, they’ve to book their slots with NAC, too. This is why you won’t just see buskers singing at your void deck, disturbing your afternoon nap, or buskers fighting for a popular spot.

You can see who is singing where on the NAC website, too.

You’d probably know by now that since the Jeff Ng saga surfaced late last month, Jeff has cancelled two of his trademark Saturday performances at the open space on Handy Road. His reason? COVID-19 cases are high, so he’s worried about people’s safety.

Well, of course we believe him.

In both instances, he had updated his fans via Instagram Stories.

But today, as of the time of writing, he’s not made any update…which means he’s finally going to perform, right?

After all, according to the NAC website last week, he did book a slot tonight.

But alas: a check on the NAC website now shows that another busker is taking over…not just this Saturday, but all Saturdays.

Image: NAC

In his social media platforms, he has left his Instagram public after leaving it private for a while after the saga surfaced. He also posted another video of him singing, but there was no mention of his performances at all.

I guess you can say that he’s cancelling his performances after being cancelled.

To know more about the saga, you can watch this two-minute summary:


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