Gen-Zers Are Going to TikTok to Offer a Fake Boyfriend / Girlfriend


In today’s society, you can get almost anything you need with a click of a button.

Additionally, there’s a demand for almost everything in the market. No, I’m not talking about feet pictures.

I’m talking about boyfriend/girlfriend renting services.

While renting a partner online through websites like RentBabe is becoming increasingly common, there’s another platform that has recently joined the trend too.

Tiktok. (I mean, they’re literally there for every trend.)

Gen-Zers Offering Boyfriend/Girlfriend Services for Chinese New Year

This CNY season, if you’re a teenager and desperately need to ward off those nosey relatives asking when you’re getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ve ticked off all the boxes in this checklist. Look no further than the black-and-white icon on your home screen, because that’s where you’re going to find just what you need.

@_wayneee_ im srs #fyp #tiktoksg #cny ♬ Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN

Recently, TikTok user @_wayneee_ took to the popular video-sharing platform to advertise his services for the upcoming new year season. You guessed it, he’s quite literally available for rent.

Of course, in true Singaporean fashion, he claims to be skilled at most things that would delight your older relatives. Whether it’s his mahjong skills to feeding you and peeling your prawn and crabs, it sounds like nothing short of a dream. There’s a long list in his TikTok video, so be sure to check that out before you continue reading.

Very dreamy, although it’d be better if it was a legit relationship. But oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The best part? He charges only $50 a day.

Image: TikTok (@_wayneee_)

Soon, his video chalked up hundreds of comments, with some being in disbelief at how affordable he priced his services.

(Also, no, this isn’t an official TraceTogether TikTok account. They wouldn’t want us to be actively mingling with people outside of our households…)

Image: TikTok (@_wayneee_)

However, some netizens were quick to point out that he would be making more than $50 a day when factoring in the angpow money.

But hey, it’s still a pretty good deal, right?

Image: TikTok (@_wayneee_)

Some potential clients even asked if he would be available outside of the CNY period.

After that video of him blew up, other TikTokers took to film similar videos advertising themselves, and some videos were quite hilarious.

Advertisements You can take him this year, accepting legit offers only #cny #rentbabe #rentdate #fakeboyfriend #cnybf #CNY2022 #sgtt #sgtiktok #business #rentabf #rentagirlfriend #rentable #couple ♬ SUGAR – BROCKHAMPTON

Even some of the happily attached also poked fun at the trend and joined in, jokingly saying that people could rent their partners as well.

The added bonus? For those who are slightly older, they can tell your relatives that you guys have BTO-ed.

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So if you’re looking for a way to appease your relatives during CNY and chance upon a TikTok like that during this period of time, don’t just swipe away without looking. Maybe you’ll actually find something you want after giving the kids a chance.

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Featured Image: TikTok ( + @_wayneee_)