Where’s Joey Wong Now? The 52-Year-Old Apparently Still Looks 25


Last Updated on 2020-02-21 , 3:19 pm

Remember Joey Wong?

Image: MyDramalist

Well me too. Definitely.

Having enraptured the hearts of men and women alike with her supple acting skills and mesmerising beauty, the Hong Kong-based, Taiwanese-born actress is a legendary movie star of Chinese Cinema, as well as a sheer timeless beauty icon. And seriously, who could ever have forgotten her spine-chilling role as Nie Xiaoqian in 1987’s A Chinese Ghost Story?

Image: People’s Daily Online

Truly, it’s no wonder why she’s widely revered as the Goddess of the East. Classic.

But like everything else, all good things have to come to an end eventually. And for the most ardent fans of Joey Wong, 2004 was the year, when the actress chose to retire from showbiz and pursue a more personal life.

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But if there’s any consolation, it’s that Wong’s still consistently updating her Instagram profile. And from the looks of it…

She doesn’t seem to have aged a day since 25.

Image: meme.wikia.com

Kind of remind us of Cynthia Koh, no?

Joey Wong, Who’s 52, Posted IG Image of Herself & She Looks 25

It’s easy to be 52 and look 52.

It’s definitely easy to be 52 and look 104.

But to be 52 and be looking 25?

Well, that’s Joey Wong right there.

In a post on 7 June 2019, the established actress updated her Instagram account with a visual and caption that goes as follows:

“Happy Dragon Boat Festival, Amitabha. Share some delicious rice dumplings with your family this Dragon Boat Festival.”


52? That looks like a belle on my campus, for Christ’s sake.

And it seems that Joey’s faithful followers noticed it too, with some going crazy over her youthful looks. In fact, one fan even crowned her as the “goddess of Dragon Boat Festival.”

Image: Joey Wong Instagram

Others also gushed over her sheer popularity, as well as her beauty which has “remained unchanged since (she was) young.”

Image: wangzuxian_joeywong Instagram

And It’s Not the Joey Wong Photo Either

If you just give the actress’ Instagram profile a quick scroll through, you’ll probably notice that her beauty truly seems to know no bounds, physical or time.


And should you be wondering about her secret to it all, it’s reportedly one thing our mums have been preaching since young:

“Sleeping early.”

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阿彌陀佛🙏#王祖贤 #wangzuxian #joeywong

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Well, I guess sleeping at 10:00 p.m. doesn’t sound like a bad exchange for such youthful looks.


What’s Joey Wong up to now?

As I mentioned earlier on, Wong actually retired from acting after starring in the acclaimed 2004 drama flick Shanghai Story.

Thereafter, she had moved to Vancouver, Canada, where she leads a low-profile, idyllic life, though she did return to Taiwan in 2016 to attend her father’s funeral.

And while she seemingly retired from showbiz for good, there were rumours of her impending comeback.

Whether they’re true, however, will have to remain to be seen.