Johor Rest Stop Vendor Seen Spraying Insecticide On Food & Netizens Are Disgusted


Creepy crawlies are everybody’s worst nightmare. The smallest of cockroaches can send even the toughest of men screaming bloody murder.

Don’t even get me started on bugs… that fly.

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Cockroaches that have successfully unlocked the “fly” mechanism and are now down to conquer mankind with just a single disgusting flap of their wings; a shudder-inducing thought.

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We’re no strangers to the quirky attempts made by the people of the internet. Somehow it takes more than a village to get rid of these pests – we’ve seen people blowing up their backyards in the name of pest extermination.

Bu have we gone too far?

Repetitively Sprayed Insecticide on Food

On 7 Nov, an eagle-eyed netizen spotted a stall keeper spraying insecticide at a food display in a rest station along the North-South Expressway in Yong Peng, Johor.

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For the uninitiated, Yong Peng stop is a rest point that almost all buses that depart from Singapore go to, simply because rumours have it that they pay the bus drivers to stop there. But we aren’t complaining ‘coz some of the food there are lit – though a tad pricey considering that it’s in JB (but catered to Singaporeans, of course).


The netizen, identified as Alvin Tan, captured the incident and shared it on Facebook post which he captioned, “is this okay to eat?”

Image: Facebook (Alvin Tan)

Well, Alvin… We may never know. But at least she didn’t blow up the entire stall.

Though her actions might have put her customers at risk of the harmful effects of insecticides. After all, the packaging did specifically highlight that insecticides are strictly not for consumption.

In an interview with China Press, Alvin also mentioned that the staff had repetitively sprayed insecticide on the food items.

Image: Tenor

Johor Health Executives Yet To Receive Complaints 

A Johor Health executive councillor said that the Johor Health Department has yet to receive any complaints from the public about the photographed stall.

It was also mentioned that the Health Department will be investigating the case before taking any action against the stall and its staff.

Stirred Anger and Disgust Amongst Netizens

Netizens were not too happy with the news, however. Some criticised the way rest-stations managed their stalls cleanliness while others simply expressed their disbelief towards the staff’s actions.

Image: Facebook (怡保吹水站)

Some also shared that these situations are what drove them into avoiding the food sold at rest stations.

Image: Facebook (怡保吹水站)

Translation  – I’m not going to buy food from a rest station again. This is the reason.

Netizens also expressed their concerns about whether the incident has gotten the attention of the authorities.

Image: Facebook (怡保吹水站)

Translation – Call the police to get these people. 

The image which was originally uploaded in the Facebook group, 怡保吹水站, has garnered over 5.2K shares and 1.1K reactions. As of now, there have been no updates with regard to the actions that will be taken against the particular stall.

This incident comes as a reminder to everybody to please be mindful of the food stalls or stores that you are purchasing your food from especially when you’re on-the-go. Stay safe and free from poisoning, everybody!

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