Jollibee S’pore Shows Us How to Turn Their Meal into Chickenjoy Baked Rice


Jollibee meals are tasty on their own, but Jollibee Chickenjoy Baked Rice?

That, my fair man and lady, is sheer heaven.

But there’s just one thing about it. Sumptuous as it may sound…

How exactly do you make it?

Well, lest you’ve been wondering about that for the past three years and three minutes, wonder no more. Because there’s now a step-by-step video guide to help you create the ultimate masterpiece…

In the form of a Tik Tok video, no less.

Jollibee S’pore Shows Us How to Turn Their Meal into Chickenjoy Baked Rice

Just yesterday (14 July 2020), Jollibee Singapore shared a Tik Tok video (by user @wow.waz) on its Facebook page, alongside the accompanying caption:


“Chickenjoy Baked Rice? Yes, it’s a thing! Thanks, @wow.waz for this food hack we can try at home. ;)”

Image: giphy

Yes, folks, chickenjoy baked rice is apparently a real thing.

And the best part is that you can actually make it yourself.

According to the 0:29 video clip, making it is pretty straightforward.

First, you gotta turn up at your nearest Jollibee outlet.

Secondly, get their 2-pc chicken meal, which comes with a packet of rice and sauce.

Cut up the fried chicken cutlets.

Add some oil to the cooking pan, dump load the rice in it, start the fire and place the chicken pieces on the bed of rice.

Thereafter, drizzle the sauce in a circular motion to ensure ‘maximum proficiency’, add cheese slices and let the mixture cook with the lid on.

Wait for a “few minutes”, and savour the masterpiece you have just purposefully created.

Image: Tik Tok (@wow.waz)

Okay not gonna lie; that looks freaking amazing.

And Netizens Concur

After the video recipe was ‘leaked’ online, Netizens turned up in droves to air their approval…

As well as expose their thirst for the delicacy, in almost unholy amounts.

Image: Tik Tok (@wow.waz)

Well, one thing’s for sure;


I’m trying it out soon, and chances are that you’re gonna too. 😉

You can view the full Facebook video down below:

And with that said…

Enjoy your meal. 🙂

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