Road on Jurong West Has an Open Manhole Cover That Nearly Caused an Accident


While it’s no secret that drivers should stay alert while driving on the road, sometimes even being alert can’t prevent accidents.

Why? Because of the roads themselves.

And it seems like an incident like that almost happened not just once, but at least twice recently.

Recently, SG Road Vigilante posted the following video on its YouTube and Facebook accounts.

According to the videos, an open manhole was spotted at Jurong West Avenue 2 on 12 May.

The driver whose dashboard camera captured the footage speculated that the manhole cover could have opened after a waste disposal truck ahead of his car drove over it.

The open manhole caused his car’s wheel to get stuck and his car came to a stop, causing much inconvenience.

Another Encounter With the Same Manhole

After the video was posted online, another driver came forth with his encounter with the pothole two days earlier than the aforementioned incident on 10 May.

According to the motorist who also shared his experience through SG Road Vigilante, he apparently drove over the manhole cover that was “not closed properly”.


This caused his car to skid forward and he almost got into a collision.

The driver then informed the traffic police (TP) about the issue and the TP officers arrived and cordoned off the area in order to fix the manhole.

“Hence I can’t believe there was another victim 2 days later due to the same problem,” the driver wrote.

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Netizens’ Reactions

With both videos reaching many motorists in Singapore, many netizens told the driver that they should file a report with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in order to make sure that the manhole gets repaired properly.

Others also noted that if it were a cyclist or motorcyclist who had ridden over the cover, the consequences would have been dire.

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Featured Image: YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)