SFA Urges S’poreans to Consider Other Meat Products After M’sia Announced Halting of Chicken Exports


If you can’t survive a single meal without some form of chicken, I’ve got some bad news for you.

Recently, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob took to Facebook to announce that the Malaysian government will be putting a pause on the export of chickens from Malaysia from 1 June this year until the prices and production of chicken stabilise.

To put things into perspective, Malaysia exports an average of 3.6 million chickens per month.

“The government is upset and disappointed with the actions of some companies that stopped the supply of chicken, causing an increase in prices and shortage of supply in the market,” he wrote in his post in Malay.

And of course, there’s no question as to where we get most of our chickens from.

(It’s Malaysia lah.)

Singapore Food Agency’s Response

After Malaysia’s announcement yesterday (23 May), the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) put out a statement on their Facebook page on the same day as well.

In the post, the SFA highlighted that despite the “temporary disruptions to the supply of chilled chicken”, frozen chicken will still be available for those who need to purchase chicken.

“We strongly encourage consumers to play their part by being open to switching choices within and across food groups (such as consuming frozen chicken instead of chilled) as well as other sources of meat products. We also advise consumers to buy only what they need,” it added.

In addition to that, SFA also assured the public that it is “closely monitoring the situation on imports” with various relevant stakeholders to reduce the negative impact that the reduction in chicken imports has on Singapore.

“For example, they will activate their supply chains to increase imports of chilled chicken from alternative sources, increase import of frozen chicken from existing non-Malaysia suppliers, or draw from their stocks of poultry,” SFA explained.

SFA also wrote that around 34% of Singapore’s chicken imports in 2021 are from Malaysia. Most of the chickens imported are live chickens, which are then slaughtered and chilled in Singapore.

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