K-pop Couple HyunA & DAWN Has Officially Broken Up Though They Were Engaged This Year

When the iconic K-pop couple went public with their relationship despite knowing the backlash and criticism they would face, we seriously thought they were gonna be the endgame.

Well, sadly, turns out it’s not.

What is even love anymore?

The Break-Up


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On Wednesday (30 Nov), HyunA shared a text photo on Instagram (translated), “We broke up. We decided to remain good friends and colleagues. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us kindly.”

The news came as a surprise; after all, just in February this year, the couple, HyunA and Dawn, announced they were engaged by showing off a set of matching rings.


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By the way, the rings were extra expensive. It was a custom-made jewellery ring under the luxury brand “Diligems”, paid for by Dawn.

The designer behind the ring went into depth about the ring, stating that it was made of “white gold with opals” as the main stones and “7 diamonds of different shapes and colors”.

The ring’s design took over a month to finalize, and the final price was so high that it paid the designer’s year’s rent.

We are talking about a year’s worth of rent. Your boyfriend bringing you to Bali is nothing compared to this ring.


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Unfortunately, that money spent is going nowhere now that they have announced their break up. Heartache isn’t the only thing Dawn’s going through right now; his wallet probably ached as much.

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Six-Year Long Relationship

The love between them was long; it was a six-year relationship that went through a lot of scrutinies. In 2018, rumours of their relationships were floating around, but both of their companies denied such rumours.

However, in wanting to stay true to their love, both decided to brave the storm by publicizing their relationship in an interview with Yonhap News.

In the English translation on the website, the couple shared that they knew that doing so would result in “some kind of labelling”. Yet, if they do not come out, it would be “hard to look straight into the eyes” of their fans.

Shortly after, both were kicked out of their respective agency and soon joined PSY’s label, P NATION.

In September 2021, they jointly released an EP titled “1+1=1”. They departed from P NATION this year in August.

It is sad to see both parties go their separate ways, but we shall wish them all the best in their separate paths.

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