Price of 2 Plates of Kai Lan at Over $90 in VivoCity Crystal Jade Pavilion Confused Diner


What’s your take on vegetables?

Love them or hate them, I think we can all agree that two plates of Kai Lan shouldn’t cost $90.

You read that right – Crystal Jade Pavilion at VivoCity sold two plates of Kai Lan for more than $90, and a customer wasn’t very happy about it.

$91.20 for two plates of Kai Lan

On Monday (24 Oct), a man had a meal at Crystal Jade Pavilion only to find out while they were settling the bill that they were charged $91.20 for two plates of Kai Lan.

The man, 28, had brought his friends and family, a total of eight, to Crystal Jade Pavilion at VivoCity.

Apparently, when the man was ordering the Hong Kong Kai Lan dish, the waiter had suggested ordering a large portion given the large number of guests present.

Eventually, two large portions of the Hong Kong Kai Lan was ordered, which cost $91.20. This brings the average price of one portion to $45.60.

In comparison, a regular-sized portion of the dish was priced at merely $22.80 on the menu. The regular-sized portion was suitable for tables of two to three guests.

The math shows that the large portion is almost double the price of the regular portion.

As the man works in the F&B industry as well, he noted the rising prices of vegetables. Regardless, he remains surprised by the exorbitant price of the two plates of Kai Lan.

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The man was dissatisfied also because he wasn’t informed of the price beforehand, and only found out when he was about to make payment.

Although the 28-year-old has been patronising Crystal Jade Pavilion for more than a decade, this is the first time such an incident has occurred.

A large table and a frequent guest

The man subsequently contacted the restaurant via e-mail to seek recourse for this incident. The restaurant has since apologised to the man via an e-mail reply.

In the e-mail reply, the restaurant noted that a larger portion of Kai Lan was ordered since there was a large number of guests.

Further, the restaurant also added that since one of the guests at the table was a regular, the waiter took things into their own hands and ordered a large portion of the Kai Lan before confirming it with the guests.

The restaurant however, reiterates that this was not right, and from this point onward, waiters will be reminded to confirm orders with guests instead of making assumptions.


Responses from other restaurants

In response, several restaurants said that the dish in question was Hong Kong Kai Lan, which is usually more expensive and more tedious to prepare.

Given that there were a total of eight guests at the man’s table, a larger portion will be served, explaining the price.

Prices of dishes are usually calculated based on the number of guests at the table – a small portion is sufficient for two to three guests, a medium portion for five to six guests, while a large portion is usually for eight to ten guests.

Another restaurant owner also expressed that the usual practice was to avoid discussing prices and billing during the ordering process – which could explain why the waiter did not bring up the price of the dish earlier.

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