Local Supplier Said M’sia Has Just Lifted Export Ban for Live Kampong Chicken & Black Chicken


To the chicken lovers out there, stressing about the rising chicken prices, good news for all!

On 14 June, Malaysia lifted their chicken export ban!

(Surprisingly, the ban only lasted two weeks, huh.)

Starting from tomorrow (15 June), local butchers and supermarkets can start buying fresh chicken from Malaysia again.

Where Did The News Come From?

Funnily enough, the revelation first came from Kee Song Food’s TikTok account, which is a farm that, according to their description bio, provides “Organically Farmed Chicken that listens to Mozart Music”.

Stage-whisper: I thought it was a joke that they made animals listen to posh 18th century music. What’s next, Beethoven’s many symphonies?


The wait is over! We’re having Fresh Chicken tomorrow onwards! @engelkoh #keesong #sgnews #didyouknow #tiktoksg #chicken #fyp #foryou

♬ LA LA LAND (Part 1) – Official Sound Studio

With La La Land’s official soundtrack playing in the background, we are shown a panning view of crates of fresh kampong and black-bone chickens, which later switches to a fuelled truck, then a hanging conveyor belt of white and dead chickens.

There’s nothing quite like the sight of ingrained and processed carnism.

The captions read: “Malaysia export banned has been lifted for Live Black Chicken & Kampong Chicken to Singapore. Fresh Kampong Chicken & Black Chicken will be available in the market on 15th June 2022 onwards.”

And no, the grammatical errors are staying where they are.

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The Lifting of the Chicken Export Ban

Chicken suppliers have similarly confirmed that Malaysia has lifted the ban on exporting fresh kampong chickens and black-bone chickens. The fresh chickens will arrive in Singapore on 14 June, and consumers will be able to purchase them the day after tomorrow.

8world News proceeded to reach out to Kee Song Food for more details.

According to Shen Baoyuan, the Director of the Kee Song Food Corporation’s Enterprise Development, the export permit that they applied for and sent to the Malaysian government has been approved, thus allowing them to ship chickens into Singapore the very next day.

While Mr Shen didn’t specify how many chickens would be exported in the first batch, he emphasised that there was more than enough to meet the demands of their existing customer base.

Their Facebook page also states that if customers place their orders now, they can receive their fresh chicken by Wednesday.


The Corporation’s website shows that they have resumed their supplying activities for kampong chicken and black-bone chicken, but the other products remain out of stock.

Based on the approval letter he showed the reporters, the permit isn’t limited to fresh kampong chicken and black-bone chicken alone.

Exports for all processed chicken products and one-day-old chicks will resume as well.

Perhaps it will take a few more days before the other products are back for exporting purposes, because it’s totally possible that they’re withholding the other items till their domestic supply and price situation stabilises.

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Featured Images: TikTok (@kee_song)