Kenneth Ma Defended His ‘Girlfriend’ Who Was Involved in Andy Hui’s Scandal

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Let’s all face it: prior to this scandal, many of us didn’t know who Jacqueline Wong is, much less Kenneth Ma.

Old men like me might know Andy Hui who’s starred in several dramas that were aired in Singapore a few hundred years ago, but we certainly all know Sammi Cheng, one of the Cantopop Queens who was also our imaginary girlfriend when we were young.

Ever since the scandal, the Internet has a field day: from a meme fest…

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…to an optician shop even providing discount based on the scandal (WTF, indeed):

Sammi has been quiet so far, but Andy Hui has cried on live TV (okay, live YouTube) and apologised for his actions.

However, the 30-year-old Jacqueline has spoken albeit not to reporters.


Jacqueline’s Response

The American-born Hong Kong Canadian actress and singer, who won first runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 2012 that kickstarted her showbiz career, has apologised on her official Instagram account.

Lest your Mandarin is as bad as my Cantonese, here’s the translated version:

I’m sorry. I was wrong.

It’s a lapse in judgement that is unforgivable, and I’m ashamed and regret it deeply.

I’d like to take this chance to apologise to people who are hurt by this incident.

I can’t face myself after such a big mistake, and I’ve not idea how to face my family members, Kennath Ma, my friends, my company and my colleagues.

I won’t dare to ask for people’s forgiveness, but I hope people can give all those who are affected some privacy.

I’ll reflect on this and accept any consequences.

Once again, “I’m sorry”

So, what has her boyfriend of four years said?

Allegedly Broke Off

Now, hold your horses and don’t think that you’ve a chance to date Jacqueline or Kenneth yet, because it’s “allegedly”.

Sources (not reliable, though, ‘cuz it’s off the record) told the media that Kenneth is planning to break up with Jacqueline.

The 45-year-old started out as an extra in 1999, earning just HK$4,000 (about SGD$690) a month then and rose through the ranks to become one of Hong Kong’s most popular actors.

He’s currently filming The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0, the sequel to the 2017 critically acclaimed The Exorcist’s Meter.

And he has spoken. Publicly.


Defended “Girlfriend”

In an video after the incident, he appeared in an interview whereby he obviously faked a number of smiles as he responded to the incident without answering any questions.

He mentioned that he is “calm” and worried about the people involved.

He then helped Jacqueline “answer” some questions because the company did not allow Jacqueline to publicly respond as she could be too emotional and might say the wrong things.

He said that she knew she had made a mistake, and that she was “young” with a good future ahead of her, so he hoped that people would give her some space.

As for him, he told people not to worry about him; he would be focusing on his work.

As for Andy Hui, he said that Andy has already responded, so he has no feedback about him.

He felt that no one has the rights to comment about this incident, and so it’s fine for Sammi to remain silent.

He hoped that the incident would be forgotten soon.


One thing he would like to highlight is that reporters have been contacting his family members, and he hoped they won’t disturb them as they’re not showbiz.

In addition, in a subtle way, he said that reporters have ways to “force an answer they want” out, so his family members might have said the wrong things.

Finally, he ended the interview but flared up a little as he was walking off, saying that he had nothing else to add when reporters asked if he and Jacqueline are still together or not.

You can watch the full interview here:

I don’t know about you, but on the video, there’s a text overlay with the sentence “So Manly!”

Which I’ve got to admit: pretty true.

Kenneth Ma just got one more fan from Singapore.



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