Kenneth Ma, Whose Ex Jacqueline Wong Had an Affair with Andy Hui, Now Has a New Girlfriend, Roxanne Tong

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In these trying times, it’s understandably difficult to find love.

“Social distancing here, social distancing there. How to find, you tell me?” you ask.

But people have done it.

“Who, you tell me? Your aunt Matilda? Or gawd forbid, my grandma Nancy?”

Not sure about those but I know a high-profile figure who has found love.

“Who, Steven Lim?”

No, it’s Kenneth Ma.

“Wait, you don’t mean…”

Yes, it’s him; the TVB actor who once faced the ultimate heartbreak of a lifetime.

Kenneth Ma.

Kenneth Ma, Whose Ex Jacqueline Wong Had an Affair with Andy Hui, Now Has a New Girlfriend

Many eons ago, the revelation of Jacqueline Wong’s affair with Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui incurred the ire of an entire nation, and ultimately led to the ex-actress’ brief ‘escape’ from the country.


Well, there goes her career.

But even with all the hatred going on, fans found time to convey their sympathies towards the ‘jilted’ partners of the adulterating pair: Kenneth Ma and Sammi Wong.

And we too, hoped that they will be able to get back on their feet again, as the feeling of being cheated on must surely be a terribly heart-wrenching one.



Thankfully, it seems that Ma has put the past behind him, as he has found love again…

This time with TVB actress Roxanne Tong.

According to Hong Kong media outlets, Ma was spotted by paparazzi at Roxanne’s apartment on 12 June 2020, moments before they went onto the streets. And when a reporter approached the pair, Ma allegedly said:

“We will comment when the time is right.”

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As a Wise Old man once said: “The right time is always instants away; it’s simply a matter of whether you wish to grasp it.” And as reluctant as I am to believe in his sayings, I’ve to concede with him on this one.

And Ma seems to as well, from the looks of it.


At midnight on 13 June, the couple announced their relationship on Instagram, with a picture of two soft toys: a unicorn and a horse. The unicorn represents Tong, while the horse is a possible indication of Ma’s surname. In Mandarin, ‘Ma’ means ‘horse’.

They tagged each other in their individual posts, and captioned:

“Thank you for your concern.”


Jacqueline Wong has since responded to her ex’s new relationship.

“I wish him (Kenneth) good health and a safe life,” she reportedly told media. “I’ll leave him to comment on his own personal matters.”

Close Friend


According to AsiaOneTong, 33, is a close friend of Wong’s, and had taken over the latter’s role on TVB series Forensic Heroes 4 after the scandal triggered a reshoot. And now that Tong has also replaced Wong as Ma’s real-life girlfriend…

One should have their fingers crossed that there will not be an instance of ‘third time’s the charm’.


If you catch my drift.

P.s. We highly doubt it though. After all, lightning never strikes the same place twice.

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