Steven Lim Kor Kor Could Have Earned $30,000 During the Whole 2-Month CB Period Singing Birthday Songs


Running out of ways to send a birthday wish to your friend?

Want to have a certified celebrity do it instead to make it more special and memorable?

Employ Steven Lim Kor Kor’s birthday message service!

For just $100, you could have our local award-winning artiste record a video of a personal birthday message to your friend to ensure they have a birthday that they never forget.

Steven Lim Kor Kor’s Birthday Service

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the rise in the popularity of this new creative, unique, and special way to send your love to your friend.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

All while showing off Steven Lim Kor Kor’s insane abs.

Seriously, he has to show his workout routine because I would absolutely follow it.


In this birthday message videos, not only does he sing a short birthday song, but he also showcases flawless imitations of many animals, most notably that of chickens and monkeys.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

“Oooh oooh ha ha! Pok pok kay pok pok kay!” – Steven Lim Kor Kor, 2020.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

Undeniable talent.

Admire him or even mock him for all you want, he is having a lot of success with these videos.

He uploads many new wishes every day and the popularity of his service is growing every second.

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$30,000 Worth of Animal Noises

As his service grows in demand, he isn’t sitting idly by.

He is coming up with new ways to spice up his birthday message videos.

Most notably, new masterful animal imitations.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

Ranging from elephants to snakes this time.

Image: Instagram (@stevenlimnew)

These have no doubt proven to be effective in bringing in new customers, as he now has made over 300 of these birthday message videos.

Wait… more than 300 of videos… $100 per video…

Image: Tenor

That possibly amounts to over $30,000 in revenue.

Now I’m not sure what operating costs these videos have, but I can’t imagine it’d be that much.

That’s an insane income to be able to make just from making short videos at home. He could buy at least 30 of the new PlayStation 5 once it releases.


Let’s be honest here, he has been one of the biggest winners and successes of the circuit breaker period.

Once again, you should be able to send in a request by messaging him on Instagram.

If you need an updated sample, you can watch one of his newer videos here:

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