KFC Goldspice ‘Salted Egg Chicken’ Now Comes Without Bones

Image: kfc.com.sg

We won’t deny it: everyone in the office loves KFC’s Goldspice Chicken.

We love it so much, we even said that it could have been cooked by a Michelin-starred chef. Got some (okay, a lot of) hate for that statement, but it’s okay: we’re born to be hated.

Our love for it led to us calling it the salted egg chicken instead of the official name of Goldspice Chicken, because come on: it’s the salted egg that makes all the difference.

And lest you don’t quite understand why we’re so fascinated with this chicken, here’s a recap of the review I’ve written back in July:

There’s a slight tingle of spice that complements the saltiness well, but maybe it’s the other way around. You see, if it can confuse me, it has won me over because I can’t really feel whether it’s salty with spices, or spices with saltiness: it’s just a blend made in heaven.

But where’s the salted egg taste, since it’s dry and crispy AF, just like chicken rendang? Read on.

The salted egg comes as an aftertaste

Here’s a true story: remember me trying it with our photographer just to take a good image? After that, I went to the toilet to pee and guess what: while in the toilet, I feel the salted egg in my mouth.

I know this could well be the weirdest review you’ve read in your life, but read on, because I’m about to prove my theory right.

After that, I had the chicken in its entirety, thinking that somehow, maybe seeing my pee had made me think of salted egg. But no; after downing the chicken, the salted egg aftertaste came again.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

I know it sounds weird, but then again, this is Goody Feed: you expect a review filled with chim and beautiful words? Over here, it’s all about authenticity (or so we thought), because none of us has a degree in food blogging.

However, granted that it’ll get a tad jaded; perhaps I was having two large chicken without stopping. That’s how addictive it is, and I kid you not.

Soon after, the chicken flew away but came back, and was even being offered for $0.50.

And you think that’s the last you’ll see the chicken? Apparently not because KFC is just as fascinated as us—they’ve created the Goldspice Chicken Tenders.

Goldspice Chicken Tenders

If you’re one who hates bones, then this would be the good-est news for you.

KFC has decided to debone the popular Goldspice Chicken and turn it into the Goldspice Chicken Tenders.

If you can’t read the words, here you go:

It’s here – Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside! Marinated in salted egg flavour, spiced with curry leaves and sweet basil, the Goldspice Tenders are available from 26 Nov 2018 at your nearest KFC restaurant! Feast on the same great taste, no bones. #KFCsg #GoldspiceXmas

Image: Tenor

I’m so going to steal my boss’s credit card so that tomorrow, I can treat everyone to this goodness (i.e. look out for our review!).

The Goldspice Tenders cost $4.80 for three pieces and $6.90 for five pieces

A Goldspice Tenders meal, which comprises 1-pc Goldspice Chicken (the normal one), 3-pc Goldspice Tenders, 1 Whipped Potato and 1 drink would cost $7.95.

Image: kfc.com.sg

Let’s just say that cut fat can wait.

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