Local Billionaire Kim Lim Reveals Why Her Latest Marriage Lasted Only 2 Months


Just two months after tying the knot for the second time, local billionaire and socialite Kim Lim, the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, recently announced that she has split from her ex-husband.

Lim, 31, married Leslie Leow, a 33-year-old IT entrepreneur, on 22 February this year, but she soon deleted all Instagram posts which featured Low just four months after the fairytale wedding ceremony.

Lim and Leow also unfollowed each other, leading to many netizens wondering if cracks had appeared in the couple’s marriage.

Before this, Leow proposed to Lim in September last year, “a few years” after the couple got to know each other.

While many have had their speculations, especially after Lim’s announcement, she recently sat down with local Chinese magazine Icon Singapore to speak about what exactly caused the divorce and what plans she has for the future.

And here’s all that you need to know.

Wanted Someone to Support Her in Business Endeavours

When speaking to Icon, Lim recalled how she had wished to find a partner she could “rely” on and hoped her partner would be willing to support her in her business endeavours.


Despite thinking that Leow was the perfect fit, it was not the case.

The pair would apparently end up in conflicts and heated quarrels all the time, which soon caused their relationship to fall apart.

Eventually, Lim and Leow decided to split and live apart from each other.

Regarding her marriage’s downfall, she took the blame and said that she was “too eager” to settle down with someone whom she thought would be able to give her a “warm home”.


She added that she was “blinded by the beauty” in front of her and acknowledged that she did not get to know Leow well before quickly deciding to get married.

“Now, I think it is more important to love the family around me and love myself,” she said.

Leow Was Verbally Abusive and Had a Bad Temper

Besides the couple’s disagreements, Lim revealed that Leow, while kind and pleasant to be around before marriage, became a “completely different” person after marriage.

Lim claimed that Leow was hot-headed and that he would lose his temper as well as control over his emotions at times, which was nothing like his “gentle and considerate” behaviour before marrying her.

Additionally, an unnamed source confirmed Lim’s version of the story when speaking to 8days.sg and claimed that Leow was verbally abusive to Lim and the staff working at Lim’s business. This soon caused Lim’s mental health to take a downward spiral.

The source also revealed that Leow was not supportive of Lim’s business endeavours and “did not like it” when she would spend time building her business.

Relationship Caused Lim’s Depression to Get Worse

Lim, who has publicised her issues regarding depression and anxiety in the past, also touched on how the crumbling of her recent marriage exacerbated her symptoms of depression, making it difficult for her to cope.

She explained that she “likes to report good news but not bad news, especially on social media” and that it was “tough” for her to cope after her marriage fell apart since there were many memories that the couple had made together in her home.

Lim also recalled how she “spent nights sleeping alone in [her] dressing room [while] hoping that all the unpleasantness would be like a nightmare” that would disappear once she woke up.

Is Not Worried About Haters as Her Marriages and Actions “Don’t Harm Others”

As to how others might perceive her, especially her actions and views regarding marriage, Lim admitted that some might feel that she does not treat marriage seriously.


However, she added that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and it is more important that they learn from them and not make the same decisions in the future.

She also explained that it dawned on her that she need not force herself to stay in an “unhappy marriage”, particularly since she was aware that it would end up doing her more harm than good.

Apart from that, she also said that she is not worried or hurt by anything that her haters might have to say about her life, as her choices do not hurt anyone else.

What She Has Learned About Relationships

Lim also provided some insights regarding what she learned from her last two relationships over the past year or so.

In particular, she highlighted how her first husband, Kho Bin Kai, whom she got divorced from due to “different values in life”, allowed her to become more tolerant.

The pair split in 2020 after being married for three years, and share a five-year-old son, Kyden. However, they are still on “good terms” and still contact each other to co-parent effectively and for Kyden to grow up in a “healthy environment”.


As for her second marriage to Leow, she said that she has realised how important it is to take the time to get to know someone well and that it is vital to “look past fancy words”.

She concluded by saying that she still has a positive attitude regarding love and maintains the belief that she will eventually find a partner who genuinely understands and supports her.

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Lim’s Business Endeavours

Besides her marriage, Lim has moved to concentrate on her businesses after taking a few solo trips to countries like Dubai and France after her divorce.

She currently manages three brands: Illumia Therapeutics and Iillumia Medical, both of which are aesthetic medical brands, as well as Papilla Haircare, which is a scalp treatment centre.

Her businesses have managed to go from just one flagship outlet to three outlets in just three years. The other two outlets are located at NEX mall and Katong i12.


Other than that, she has also started her skincare line called IllumiaSkin By Kim Lim.

Beyond Singapore, Lim is also looking to launch her businesses in Thailand in the first quarter of next year. She and her team have taken the last month to focus on gathering more insights regarding the Thai market and its needs.

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