People Impressed With SPC Car Wash Manned by Persons with Intellectual Disabilities


If you’re dreading the thought of washing your car, why not drive to a car wash and have it washed for you?

You can even meet some sweet service staff that will perk up your day.

Washing With a Smile

On Tuesday (29 Nov), Mr Joseph drove down to the Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) service station at 616 Telok Blangah Road to have his car manually washed.

While sitting in his car, he noticed a group of car wash employees waving and grinning in his direction. Initially, he was taken aback by this interaction.

Not surprised; we didn’t rank in the Top 10 happiness index for a reason. 

True to happiness being contagious, their smiles made Joseph smile and wave back. From what he has observed, they seemed to be having a good time, enjoying their work, and delivering quality results.

Concluding the pleasant occasion in his Facebook post, he praised the “high standard of service”  they have established, adding that these sorts of social enterprises are absolutely needed both here in Singapore and throughout the world.

That might be difficult to do; we can’t ignore that Karens exist. 

Many netizens shared the same pleasant experience as Joseph, with a few adding that the workers deserve a tip if possible.

Image: Jerome Joseph (Facebook)
Image: Jerome Joseph (Facebook)
Image: Jerome Joseph (Facebook)

Collaborated with MINDS

If you look up more information about the outlet, you will learn that the facility is actually operated by persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs).

The manual car wash facility at the SPC service station is also referred to as Minds Wash and was created in collaboration with Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds)  back in 2004.

On SPC’s website, they mentioned that the outlet is managed by “about 20 individuals” from MINDS, with the objective of the partnership helping employees find “gainful employment”, assisting them in integrating into society, and fostering their growth as “independent and self-supportive individuals”.

Similarly, on MIND’s website, they shared the working principles of these MINDs employees, such as being “focused and precise in washing and cleaning”, and ensuring that “cars leave the washing bay thoroughly cleaned”.


They added that companies tend to overlook the degree of their importance in the inclusion of PWIDs.

These companies need to ensure that they provide the right training and support on their end, such as keeping an eye out on their well-being and making sure their attires and items are in proper condition before work starts.


In doing so, it propels PWIDs employees to excel in their job performance, which can also double as a “catalyst for society’s perception of them to change”.

Remember, kindness costs nothing; so if you want to make someone’s day, or maybe your own, why not just head down and entrust your car’s cleanliness at this fantastic car wash?

But with the post going viral, be prepared to queue…with a smile, please, because that’s what you’d be getting there.

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