Korean Actor Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed with Throat Cancer, Will Leave Showbiz To Recover


I‘m pretty sure girls around the world are close to tears, if not crying, right now because their favourite Oppa Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Okay, I’d admit I’m a bit dismayed too. I mean, I’m a fan of his dramas like School 2013 and I’m damn excited about Wiretap, a movie remake of the Hong Kong crime thriller.

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Here’s what you need to know about his condition.

Gone to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well

Image: asiaone.com

Kim Woo-bin wasn’t feeling very well and recently visited a doctor according to his management agency, Sidus HQ in a statement released today.

He had felt strange symptoms in his body and decided to visit the hospital. 

During the consultation, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Said cancer affects the nasopharynx, the upper part of the throat behind the nose.

Stopped All Activities and Undergoing Treatment

Image: soompi.com

In the statement, the agency also stated that his illness was caught early enough for treatment.


Currently, he is undergoing “drug treatment and radiation therapy”. Surgery doesn’t seem to be one of the options at the moment as the condition is notoriously hard to operate on.

In the meanwhile, he will be taking a leave of absence from showbiz and is focusing on his recovery. 

Wiretap Movie Production To Pause

Image: hancinema.net

As for Wiretap, the movie that he had signed on to join, the production crew agreed that his health comes first and they will be delaying the production until he recovers well enough to film again.

The movie was supposed to start filming later this summer (June to August).

Thankfully, news reports on his condition seemed quite positive so all the best to Kim Woo-Bin and we hope to see him on the screen soon! 

No, not re-runs but his new shows. 

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Feature Image: asiaone.com

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