Goblin Just Lost ‘Best Drama Award’ to Another Korean Show Even With Higher Viewership


If you don’t know what Goblin is, you’re either living under a rock or you’ve never gone on Facebook at all.

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A comedy-romance about the grim reaper and a lonely goblin, this show features a popular cast like Gong Yoo from Train to Busan and Lee Dong Wook whose sharp features and height captured female hearts from all around the world.

So everyone thought they were a shoo-in for the award at the 2017 Baeksang Art Awards. 

Despite the fact that other noteworthy dramas were nominated for the category

W, a drama about multiple dimensions

Image: viki.com

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, a romance story set in the Joseon period

Image: viki.com

Romantic Doctor Kim, a drama about doctors

Image: viki.com

Dear My Friends, a drama about a group of friends who are in their last years of life. 

Image; koreaboo.com

And the Best Drama Award Goes To…

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Dear My Friends.

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Here’s the kicker: Dear My Friends has an average viewership of 5.066% while Goblin has an average viewership of 12.924%.

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