Korean Singer Professes Love For Kaya Toast in S’pore Fan Meeting

And he said he ate like 50 of them before the meeting.

Which Korean Singer? Kim Jae-hwan, former member and main vocalist of Wanna One.

Image: Allkpop

He had an event 2019 KIM JAE HWAN FAN MEETING [MIN:D] IN SINGAPORE on 6 July 2019 at The Star Theatre.

For the Korean-bochups

So, Produce 101 is a TV talent competition where a final 11 members then form a K-pop girl group or boy group. Kim Jae-hwan is the 4th place with a total of 1,051,735 votes in Produce 101 season 2 (April 7 until June 16, 2017), joining the resulting Wanna One boy band as their main vocalist.

How many people do you know of whose name basically means “I’ll be rich”? Fun fact: the Hanja for his name is 金在奐, which literally translates to “Gold be numerous”.

And reading his Wikipedia page, you might think he’s small fry, but Wanna One is HUGE. They are listed on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list as second in 2018, and third in 2019.

The group ended their contract on 18 Dec 2018, and from then the golden boy signed a solo contract with Swing Entertainment, the one that previously managed Wanna One.

He released his album, Another, on May 20, 2019.

Love for Kaya toast

So this happened at the self-promotion fan meeting.

He said this in response to being asked to do mock commercial challenges, which you can view part of the segment here in this video:

The Kaya Toast part starts at about 1:33, where he said: “I ate 50 pieces of kaya toast before the stage”.

Which he jokes was the reason why a battery pack came loose during his performance. “That’s why the battery exploded.”

Here’s a better angle where he then started to do the actual mock commercial:

“Wow what? Wow. So sweet. Very sweet.”

There are other highlights from the fan meeting.

Singing ‘Sexy’ Happy Birthday

Which is partly in reference to a vote for Sexy or Cute Jjaeni (nickname), selected by fans cheering as he poses.

Apologises for silver guitar reflecting light

In the meeting, he also played a cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, in which he brought out a silver guitar that unintentionally reflected lights to the audience.

He apologised for it, though it might seem that some of the audience liked that he was playing around with the reflected lights.


Not a Yoseknam

When they were on the topic of food, the emcee asked whether he can cook, since he loved eating.

His response:

“In Korea, there is an expression called yoseknam. It means a sexy guy who can cook [yori seksihan namja]… I’m not that. I only eat.”

For the other highlights, you might be interested in this full chain of Tweets:


Though, for the bochup people like me, there’s no real need to visit the Tweet since the rest is a chain of reactions that basically makes you think “when attractive people eat Kaya and say it’s so sweet they say they look hot, when I do it they ask me to stop being so fat”.

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