There’s Now a Physical Shop That Imports China Snacks & Drinks in Tampines 1

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Speciality shops seems to be all the rage these days as they’re popping up left, right, and centre.

Japan has Daiso and Dondon Donki, Korea has Shine Korea Market, and Russia seems to have dug themselves a neat hideout with a supermarket in River Valley.

China recently made a large expansion in Singapore with the Scarlett supermarket, but it appears that there are competitors who aren’t content with letting Scarlett eat the entire pie for Chinese speciality products.

Kun Hai Shop @ Taobao in Tampines 1

Image: (Tampines 1)

On 7 June, Taobao officially opened their second brick-and-mortar outlet in Tampines 1, calling it the Kun Hai Shop (坤海旗舰店), selling all sorts of Chinese snacks and beverages.

Whether it’s the famous spicy beef jerky, soup seasonings that’s perfect for hotpots, frozen foods, or aesthetically pleasing desserts, they have them all.

Image: (Tampines 1)
Image: (Tampines 1)
Image: (Tampines 1)

While there aren’t any stated prices (yet), it can be assumed that the products will be relatively cheap since their direct supplier slash coordinator is Taobao.

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To celebrate its grand opening, Kun Hai Shop has partnered with the mall in a lucky draw.

All you need to do is spend at least $50 at the Chinese-speciality supermarket and scan your Frasers Experience (FRx) member QR code when paying to participate!

After spending $50, participating retailers can redeem a Sure-Win Play Card, which includes $1,000, $500, $2 Frasers Property Digital Gift Cards and $5 retailer vouchers.

There are also more promotions available at Tampines 1, and you can check out the details at

If you’re a lover of Chinese-speciality snacks and goods, this is the perfect place for you to drop by!

Location Details:

Kun Hai Shop @ Taobao, #03-11

10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

You can also find Kun Hai Shop’s flagship store at People’s Park Complex, #01-83.


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