Lady Allegedly Paid For Taxi Fare With My Melody Holder Cuz She Has No Cash

Image: DoublePHOTO studio / & Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page (Image is for illustration purpose only)

Lest you’re unaware, yesterday (6 December) was both a joyful and grievous occasion. And no I’m not saying that because my good friend Henry got together with a girl only to find out that she has 9 other boyfriends.

Not really anyway.

Rather, 6 December was an eventful day because of one very prominent reason:

The My Melody Holder.

Indeed, if you’ve been keeping up with the Goody-shians, you would know that McDonald’s released the cute products just yesterday, only to see them run out of stock just a few hours later.

And really, it’s no thanks to all the lovely and charismatic people who bought 10-15 sets at one go, with the primary purpose of reselling them on online market platforms.

No thanks at all.

But what do you know?

Because it seems that while the My Melody Holder’s good for aesthetics and profits, it can also double up as a payment method:

Or taxi fare, to be exact.

Enter Taxi Driver Ah Low, who recounted a story on all-time favourite cabby Facebook Page Singapore Taxi Driver.

Having picked up a lady with lots of baggage at the Central Business District (CBD), he helped her bring everything into the car boot, before driving her to her destination.

Upon reaching, however, she realised that she didn’t actually have any cash, and offered a My Melody Holder as payment instead, claiming that the price will double within the day.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

Pretty sure it’s not just double, but anyways.

You can see the post down below:

Image: Ah Low Facebook Page


Pick a lady at cbd with lots of barang barang. Help her to bring into the boot. 

She get in n say, uncle please go near near only, pai seh. I say no prob, near I like more. 

Had a short chat with her. When reach her destination, she dig her long wallet but realise no cash. I tot it’s evader so I ask if she got nets or cc also can. 

But she give me this offer, in exchange of a melody. I was like… Huh?? She say will double the price today so I took her offer.

For today, taxi can accept melody as payment… Not bad not bad…

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page

Incidentally, it’s interesting to note that the taxi fare was exactly $6.90, the price at which the My Melody Holder was marketed at.

So, in other words, the taxi driver is getting Google shares in 2004, when each share is at USD$54. By the way, as of today, each share trading at almost USD$1,109. 

Netizens Rave

Following the revelation, Netizens were quick to praise Ah Low’s acceptance, citing the product as one of much higher market value now.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page

And as one might expect, offers even started flooding in.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page

But it seems that open-mindedness isn’t just one of Ah Low’s strengths, as he proves himself to be a pretty sweet guy too.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook Page

Sorry ladies, guess you’ll have to find another man.

And with that said

If you narrowly missed out on a My Melody Holder yesterday, you can, of course, do what everyone else is doing and fork out much more than needed on Carousell.

Image: Carousell


You can always start going out and helping people. Cos you never know.

You might just get lucky like this taxi driver here. 🙂

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