Lady Unpacks & Wears 2.5kg Worth Of Clothes After Being Told Her Luggage Is Overweight

Modern-day jet-setters are no strangers to the wrath of the hefty additional fees that come with an excess baggage.

Suddenly, being a serial overpacker is a dire sin, and the only existing penance to avoid eternal damnation is $30. Because throwing away your prized possessions is just not an option. 

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This, however, is not the case for Gel Rodriguez from the Philippines. She conquered what was once perceived inevitable with a creative lifehack that you wish you knew then. Indeed, some heroes don’t wear capes, they wear 13 layers of clothes.

Uh… Wait, what?

13 Layers Of Clothes

Image: Facebook (Gel Rodriguez)

She documented her account on a Facebook post, which has since gone viral worldwide with 1,000 comments and 18k shares. She shared that, upon checking in, the airline staff immediately told her that she had exceeded the 7kg baggage allowance by 2kg. 

Parting ways with her belongings was just not on her agenda. Instead, she stacked her clothing – on herself – layer by layer. To the internet’s amusement, her brilliant display of creativity, managed to get her through the boarding gates with – 

Wait for it… A luggage weighing 6.5kg. 

Of course, she could’ve just completely avoided this ordeal. But still, good on her!

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Now keep in mind that gallivanting about in 100 layers of clothes is just one of the many last resorts that you ought to explore.

Creativity can also come in the form of packing wisely and unleashing your inner Marie Kondo for a hassle-free travel experience.

Image: Facebook Olympia Moving & Storage)

Just don’t bring stuff that doesn’t spark joy and you’re good to go.


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