Korea Actress Lee Ga-ryeong Listed As 33 Years Old Clarified She’s Actually 41 Years Old

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If you need a solid reason on why you should jump on to the skincare bandwagon, maybe this actress’s clarification will make you do so—South Korean actress, Lee Ga-ryeong, recently corrected her age that she’s actually 41-years-old instead of 33-years-old.


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(Before you start, I know. She doesn’t even look a day over 30.)

Mistake Made Due to Former Agency 

Lee recently played a role as a 30-something radio show host in a drama called Love (Ft. Marriage & Divorce, a story about three married women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

If you are curious, watch the drama trailer below:

YouTube video

The show has since spanned for three seasons and the final episode of season three was aired on Sunday (6 May).


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But two days before that, Lee clarified during an interview that she was born in 1980 instead of 1988 as claimed by her entertainment profile on the Internet.

According to The Straits Times, Lee explained that while she was filming for Love (Ft. Marriage & Divorce), she did not have an agency to manage her “affairs” and thus failed to find the chance to edit her profile to reflect her true age or an interview scheduled to clarify this mistake.

Her former agency was the one that changed her birth year to 1988. According to Lee, agencies in South Korea tend to change the age of their talents for different reasons.


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Signed with New Agency After Show’s Third Season

However, Lee has since been signed to a new agency after season three has concluded for Love (Ft. Marriage & Divorce). 

According to Soompi, Lee has signed an exclusive contract with IOK company.

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Lee made her debut as an actress in 2012 through the drama A Gentleman’s Dignity before acting in other dramas like Apgujeong Midnight Sun in 2014 and The Invincible Lady Cha in 2015.

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