10 Facts About Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Whose Exposé Could’ve Ended Wang’s Career


In just a few days, Lee Jinglei has become the most talked-about woman on the internet.

Her allegations of infidelity and emotional abuse on the part of her now ex-husband, Wang Leehom, have rocked the entertainment world and sent netizens into a frenzy.

If you’ve no idea what I am talking about, watch this video that summarises the Wang Leehom saga in fewer than three minutes:

While many are unsurprisingly spewing venom at Wang through social media, others have become curious about his former lover, the woman who may just have ended Wang’s career.

After all, the Taiwanese-American singer said he’s taking a break from his work, and the calls online for him to quit showbiz are getting louder.

So, who exactly is Lee Jinglei, the woman news outlets are all writing about at the moment?

Here are 10 facts about Lee, the woman who went viral with her Weibo posts.

She’s 10 Years Younger Than Wang

Born in Taiwan on 14 April, 1986, Lee is now reportedly 35 years of age. That would make her at least 10 years younger than her former husband.

Wang, 45, was born on 17 May, 1976.

And this is important because…

She Claims She Was just 16 When Wang Courted Her

In one of her many posts on social media, Lee claimed that she was just 16 when Wang courted her—Wang would have been 26 at the time.

In his apology letter, Wang denied this, saying he did indeed meet her in 2003 at one of his concerts, but that they lost contact for around 10 years, and only started talking once she was 26.

She’s Half Japanese & Was Known By Her Japanese Name When She Met Wang

Lee was born and raised in Taiwan, but unbeknownst to many, she has a Japanese father. She used to go by the Japanese name Michiko Nishimura, which is the name Wang knew her by when he first met her at the 2003 concert.

Some netizens believe that Wang had asked her to assume a different name.

She Has a Doctoral Degree

Lee has an academic background that many would be proud of—she first attained an undergraduate degree from Princeton University before graduating with a doctoral degree from the business school of Columbia University.

She reportedly worked as an analyst at JP Morgan after completing her studies.


She’s a Mother of 3

Lee is a mother of three children—two girls and a boy.

Her first child, her daughter, was born in 2014. Their younger daughter was born two years later, and their son was born in 2018.

She described her children as her “everything”.

She’s a Cake Artist

If you scroll through Lee’s Instagram account, you’d see her in fancy-looking places around the world, but you’d also notice plenty of posts dedicated to her homemade cakes.

And she’s not just passionate about it, she clearly knows what she’s doing:



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A post shared by 李靚蕾 Jinglei (@jl.leilei)


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A post shared by 李靚蕾 Jinglei (@jl.leilei)

She also appears to enjoy making bunnies out of rice:


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A post shared by 李靚蕾 Jinglei (@jl.leilei)


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A post shared by 李靚蕾 Jinglei (@jl.leilei)

She Was Married to Wang for Over 5 Years

While the couple had gotten hitched in 2013 and only recently divorced, they weren’t together the whole time.


According to Wang, they were married from 27 Nov 2013 till 5 Aug 2019, when they separated, meaning they were husband and wife for exactly five years and eight months.

Shortly after Wang announced that he was filing for divorce from his wife Lee Jinglei last week, Lee published a post on Weibo accusing him of multiple infidelities while they were married. She also accused him of being verbally abusive and not giving her a fair share of assets as part of their divorce settlement.

Wang hit back with allegations of his own, including that she forced him into marriage and that he “lived under fear, extortion and threats” throughout their marriage, but…

She Didn’t Back Down When Criticised By Her Ex-Husband & His Father

Lee doubled down on her allegations, saying “Nice try” in a response post to Wang’s lengthy and accusatory statement.

“You did everything to protect yourself. It is not shameful that you made a mistake, but that you did not feel remorseful and did not correct your mistake. You just kept on lying to fool the public,” she said.


Even when Wang’s father published a statement of his own defending his son and basically insinuating that Lee was a gold digger, Wang didn’t back down, calling it all “lies”, and even threatening to take legal action.

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Her Instagram Account is Climbing Rapidly

Besides thrusting her name into the spotlight, Lee’s posts have also helped her increase her online following.

Since her post last Friday, over 250,000 Instagram users have begun following the 35-year-old.

She now has 850,000 followers on the platform.

Netizens Have Praised Her For “Defending the Dignity of Women”

In her posts, Lee also brought up what she viewed as the inequality of roles assumed by male breadwinners and women who care for their families full-time.

She believes that the modern woman has the ability to support herself, and should protect her rights in marriage.

This, and other similar sentiments, drew the admiration of women who identified with Lee’s situation.

One commenter thanked Lee for “defending the dignity of women and mothers” and said that she believed “many people will work hard because of her bravery”.


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