Lee Jung-Jae Wins Best Drama Actor in Emmys for Squid Game, the First in Emmy Awards

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The Emmys is an annual event where some of the world’s best television actors and actresses gather in hopes of winning an award.

This year, Lee Jung-Jae shocked the world as he receives the Emmy award for Best Drama Actor in 2022 with his stellar performance in the Netflix series Squid Game, beating other amazing actors such as Jason Bateman, Bob Odenkirk, Adam Scott, Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong.

This is also the first time a non-English language series was nominated for the drama category.

Skyrocketed in Fame

The South Korean actor recently got skyrocketed into fame due to his performance in Squid Game.

During his acceptance speech, he courageously speaks in English and thanks Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk for making a move that showcases realistic problems.

Through his newfound international stardom, Mr Lee became the brand ambassador for Gucci, accepted a lead role in an upcoming Star Wars series and started his directing debut in the spy action film called Hunt.

Despite all these achievements, Mr Lee states that he does not feel like his life has changed much.

Squid Game Wins Another Award

Squid Game‘s Director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, also won an Emmy award for Directing for a Drama Series.

During his speech, the famous director mentions that he hopes that this will not be the the only non-English drama to be nominated for the Emmy’s in the years to come.

He also jokingly mentions that he hopes that this will not be his last Emmy award.

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Lee Jung-Jae’s Role in Squid Game

If you haven’t been up to date with the latest TV series and dramas, you probably wouldn’t have heard of the show Squid Game, which taps into the economic disparity in South Korea.

In Squid Game, Lee Jung-Jae plays the role of a gambling addict and a single father who was given a chance to win a huge amount of cash through a series of games.

Little did he know, the price of entering the game would be to put his life on the line as he competes in Korean childhood games with another 455 competitors who are in a similar situation as him.

He eventually beat all odds and overcame many obstacles to emerge as the winner.

Netflix is also creating a reality TV based on Squid Game. You can watch this video to know more:


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