Leon Perera’s Driver Finally Agreed to be Identified & Provided More Details About the Scandal


In the Workers’ Party (WP) press conference yesterday (19 July), it was revealed that Leon Perera’s driver was the one to first spread the news about his affair with Nicole Seah in 2020.

You can read more about their explanation in this article but here’s the TL; DR: They believed Perera and Seah over the driver.

Well, after the press conference, Leon Perera’s driver has agreed to be identified and provided more details about the matter.

Workers’ Party Leadership Didn’t Do Anything

80-year-old Frankie Wong had been driving for Perera for more than 10 years, from 2010 to 2021.

He treated Perera like a son. However, the affair he had with Seah created friction between them.

Wong had initially spoken to the media on the condition of anonymity. However, after the Workers’ Party press conference, he decided to identify himself.

Wong remembered that he contacted Mr Pritam Singh sometime in late 2020 or early 2021.

He wanted the leadership’s help to end the affair, he said.

Wong recalled the conversation Perera had with him about politicians whose careers have ended because of a scandal, and said he didn’t want Perera to turn out like that.

To his disappointment, there were no updates or follow ups on his whistleblowing.

What awaited him was a termination of his services in March 2021 for “not knowing how to use a GPS”.

He Has Spoken to a Few Workers’ Party Members

Mr Pritam Singh wasn’t the only WP member Wong had approached.

He remembered telling several members about the affair, including Jamus Lim, Gerald Giam, Dennis Tan and party chairman Sylvia Lim.

However, no one believed him.

Sylvia Lim allegedly told Wong that it was a business that should be settled between the employer (Perera) and the employee (Wong).

In the press conference, Pritam Singh said Perera told them he was having a dispute with his driver when asked about the alleged affair.


Alleged Intimate Moments

One night in 2020, Wong was supposed to bring Perera home after a meeting at WP HQ.

However, they were called back to the venue by Seah to send her home as well. She was hiding in a dark place, Wong claimed, as though she didn’t want to be seen.

He added that on several occasions when Seah was in the car with Perera, he spotted them holding hands and whispering to each other from the rear view mirror.

He also saw them hugging and saying goodbye to each other at Forum The Shopping Mall in Orchard in 2020.

It was the COVID-19 period, and people were not even supposed to shake hands, he pointed out.


Hotel Visits

Wong said that there were several times when he had to drop Perera off at hotels in the Orchard and Tanglin area.

On one such occasion, when he went to pick Perera up at a Tanjong Pagar hotel, he allegedly spotted Seah exiting from his side mirror.

Perera was also allegedly angry when Wong disobeyed his order to pick him up from a nearby mall pick up point, and drove near the hotel instead.

Not Happy with How WP Handled the Scandal

According to Wong, he exposed the affair because he wanted to help Perera, and that it isn’t “right”.

Wong said that the WP leadership took too long to deal with the matter. Actions were only taken after the video was leaked.

Wong denied leaking the video, nor does he know when or where it was taken.


Despite what’s happened, he does not hate Leon Perera, nor does he want to hurt him. He feels sorry instead for Perera’s family and hope they can heal.

Rather than Perera, Wong expressed dislike for the WP leadership. Even now, he said, they have not contacted him.