Face of Anti-Scam Li Nanxing’s IG Account Hacked & Used by Scammers


While some of us may have swooned over the local TV veteran when we were younger, if you received a DM on social media from Li Nanxing between 18 and 19 January, here’s the bad news:

It’s not him.

And please don’t respond, especially if he asked for money.

I mean, I suppose that’s common sense.

The Hacking

In a Facebook post on 18 January, the actor notified the public that his Instagram had been hacked.

While hacking is, unfortunately, a recurring thing for many celebrities, it was the first time that Li experienced it.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, he revealed that the hacker had asked other users for a loan of $40,000 using his account. His friends later told him about it, though thankfully no one was swindled of their money.

Believing that it would help others be more aware of such scams nowadays, Li also took to other social media accounts such as Facebook to share his experience and encourage others to be more alert.

Previously, he had also starred in an Anti-Scam commercial by the National Crime Prevention Council:

He also expressed his exasperation at the hackers’ behaviour, commenting, “These hackers are all smart, but they should be using their intellect in a different way instead of trying to harm others. I hope that they realise this and turn over a new leaf so as to make greater contributions to society.”

What’s Next?

Fortunately, as of 19 January, it seems like the local Chinese TV star has regained access to his Instagram account.


As to what Li has in store for life next, he also told Shin Min that he recently wrapped up filming for a local drama, and had recently accepted a product endorsement. He was supposed to fly to Europe for the endorsement, but the trip might be pushed back to March instead due to the outbreak of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

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As we continue to navigate our way through cyberspace, do stay safe and alert!

And of course, if any celebrities ask you for money, don’t respond lah. It’s not like most of us will have much that they don’t already have…

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Featured Image: Facebook (Li Nanxing 李南星)