This Line Café in Korea is Cuteness Overload


Among all the Korean pop stars, drama, and food that you going crazy over, this place is one not to be missed during your next trip there! Since 2015, more Line Café stores have been opening up in Korea.

3 Flagship Stores and 6 Line Friends Stores across Korea


There are three Line Friends flagship stores – namely in Itaewon, Garosugil, and Myeongdong. 

The rest include six Line Friends stores, which are located in Hongdae, Myeongdong, Sinchon, Dongdaemun, Pangyo, and Busan.

What Is Inside


In their cafés, not only will you find Line Friends everywhere, you can also take as many photographs as you’d like with them! For those of you who love taking photographs, this would be the perfect spot to hang out with your like-minded friends! 

Above all, there are plushies, keychains, phone cases, and even stationery in there – like a cute version of the Popular bookstore!



Of course, what’s a café without coffee and beverages right? Their counter is also super lovely.

A cup of Americano there costs 4,200 Korean Won, while a Latte and an Iced Tea costs 4,500 Korean Won each. Pretty reasonably-priced, I must say. 

They have also got a wide selection of other beverages, so go check them out!

Outside Food Is Not Allowed Inside


Okay, so this a point to take note of. Outside food is not allowed in here, just in case you leave your food crumbs and litter around. I mean, who would want to visit a trash-like café, right?

 So, just go get a good ol’ cuppa and relax in this fluffy paradise.

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