Woman Jogged Until She Lost Her Way; SBS Transit Staff Gave Her $2 From His Own Pocket To Take the Train Home

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Every so often, we run into a pinch and encounter a kind soul who helps us unconditionally. Sounds familiar?

Well, you’re blessed with some incredible luck.

But all talks of luck aside, this article’s a testament to how kindness is everywhere around us. It could stem from a supermarket chain, food delivery riders or as the following Facebook post entails in glowing terms:

A helpful MRT operator.

Woman Jogged Until She Lost Her Way; SBS Transit Staff Gave Her $2 From His Own Pocket To Take the Train Home

On 31 May 2020, Facebook user Mandy Chan Xin Yi posted a heartwarming story on the social media platform, in which she detailed her harrowing experience running into a pinch and how an MRT operator had lent her a much-needed helping hand.

According to the Netizen, she had gone for a 10km run alone in the morning, after a night of feasting. Possibly feeling adventurous, she took an unprecedented route and found herself “charting on unknown territory” after 4km.

Professing that she was not the most direction-savvy, she expressed how she soon got lost after that point. And because she was under the impression that it was going to be a “chill run”, she neglected to bring anything but her keys.

Not gonna lie; that sounds like a plot for a Thriller movie.

After “walking in circles” for an entire kilometre, she decided to ask a stranger for help. His directions, however, did little to assist her endeavour.

By then, it had been two hours since she started her run, and she was “desperate”. And so, she decided to seek help from the operating office at a nearby MRT station.

“Hi, I need to go to XX station but I don’t have my EZ-Link card or my phone…” she wrote. “I got lost while running”

Hoping that the location she had meandered to was actually a stone’s throw away from her home, she was soon crushed to know that her place was more than stations away, with an extra bonus of having to switch lines twice.

If this is not a pinch, I don’t know what is.

The operator then glanced at her and began “flipping his binder of notes with all the different fares to the different stations”. Dejected and resigned, the Netizen thought that she had no other choice but to take the long walk back home…

When the operator did something beyond his own job scope.



“The operator stood up and took his wallet from his back pocket. Without ANY hesitation, he fished out a $2 note from his own wallet and handed it to me.

“?!?!?! I was so shocked. I thought he was going to give me the directions I could take to head home but NO, HE DECIDED TO GIVE ME $2 SO THAT I COULD TAKE THE TRAIN HOME.

“It’s okay, Hari Raya la” and he gave me a friendly wave towards the nearest machine to buy the train ticket.

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“Funny thing is – I wasn’t even Malay! I tried to refuse him but he insisted that it was okay. I was so taken aback but promised that I’d go back and pay him.”

Suffice it to say; she got home safe and sound, without having to commit to a dreary and aching trek back home. And according to her post, she remains appreciative of the operator’s kind act.

“This was more than $2 to me,” she said. “It was humanity in full-blown form. I miss this.”

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She then concluded the post by imploring SBS Transit Ltd to give the operator in question a raise.

“TLDR: Can SBS Transit Ltd please give this guy a raise??? He was the one at the front office of Fort Canning Station today.”

You can view the full Facebook post down below:


Netizens Express Their Delight

When things go rough, Netizens can get a little weary and grouchy, as evident by the many comments sections of badly-received news articles. But when the coast is clear and a kind act is in sight…

They can get rather soft as well.

After Ms Chan’s post was uploaded, Netizens turned up in droves to air their approval…

Image: Facebook (Mandy Xinyi Chan)


With some proposing appropriate gestures of appreciation:

Image: Facebook (Mandy Xinyi Chan)

Image: Facebook (Mandy Xinyi Chan)

And one sharing their own experiences.

Image: Facebook (Mandy Xinyi Chan)


And with that said…

Kindness is truly everywhere around us.

You just have to discover it.

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