GrabFood Rider Allegedly Bought Food For Aunty After Seeing Her Collect Empty Cans

The world could use with a little more kindness.

But given the current COVID-19 outbreak all over the world, all anyone seems to care about are surgical masks, hand sanitizers and toilet roll.

Case in point:

Image: Twitter (Nine News Australia)

Don’t you dare mess with her toilet paper. Yeah, you can read more about that here.

But life still goes on and we still need to earn money to put food on the table, COVID-19 or not, including this elderly aunty who was seen collecting empty drink cans.

This Grab rider thought that he could make her day just a little better:

GrabFood Rider Allegedly Spotted Buying Food For Aunty After Seeing Her Collect Empty Cans

An elderly aunty was spotted collecting empty drink cans at the Cantine food court at Jurong Point. It is believed that she was going to recycle the empty cans.

Now anyone would know that this type of work is not only back-breaking, but it yields very little for the amount of effort put in.

You can spend a whole day collecting Aluminium drink cans and you’d only receive S$0.50/kg, while papers such as newspapers, books and magazines are priced at S$0.10/kg.

Image: Tenor

GrabFood Rider Offers To Buy Food For Aunty

According to MSNews, a GrabFood rider was also at the food court waiting for his customer’s food.

That was when he saw the elderly aunty going about her tasks.

Image: Instagram

A netizen observed that had happened and took to Instagram Stories to share the incident.

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Thinking that she might have insufficient money, the rider kindly offered to buy her a meal. At first, he offered her $10, but she smiled politely and declined.

That didn’t stop him though. The rider then insisted and headed to the ban mian stall to buy some food for her.

Image: GIFER
Image: Instagram

The netizen was so touched by the act of kindness that they had just witnessed that they approached the GrabFood rider to find out what his name was.

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The netizen then found out that the kind GrabFood rider’s name is Yan.

Image: Instagram

We definitely need more people like Yan in this world and less of the toilet paper and surgical mask hoarding kind.

The netizen even took it upon themselves to tag Grab’s Instagram account, so we hope that they will acknowledge or praise Yan’s kindness.

A ban mian meal from a food court might not be too expensive, but his kindness and good intentions certainly went a long way.

A Similar Incident

A similar incident occurred recently, but this time it was a GrabFood rider who received a free meal (and a bonus Tupperware).

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A kind GrabFood rider’s customer packed mee goreng for the rider and even sent a reminder to “ride/scoot safely” in the notes.

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)
Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)

The sweet delivery even came with a free Tupperware with the message “later when u drop my order do collect a packet of mee goreng that i have pack for you. do have your lunch okay.”

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)

Don’t these heartwarming stories just make you go aww?

I’m sure we can all make this world a better place by doing simple acts of kindness as we go about our day.

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