Love Yong Tau Fu? Here’s Where You Can Get Claypot Chye Po Yong Tao Fu.


Yong Tau Foo is probably one of Singapore’s most common dish. You can find it in Hawker Centres, food courts, coffee shops, almost everywhere.

Typically, when eating Yong Tau Foo, you get to choose a range of food items on display. Just pick whatever you want then tell the seller whether you want it soup or dry, with chilli or not, rice or noodles.

Same Same But Different


The Jason Yong Tau Foo is similar but slightly different at the same time. You get to choose the various food items as well, but with more selections. In fact, at Jason Yong Tau Foo, you have 50 food items for you to choose from, which is much more than your usual Yong Tau Foo stall. The items for you to choose from range from cuttlefish, cabbage rolls,

The items for you to choose from range from cuttlefish, cabbage rolls, fish balls to even tau pok and tau kwa stuffed with fish paste. There are just so many items you don’t even know where to start.

Don’t Miss Out on Their Chye Poh Sauce When You Order

Usually, you ask for chilli sauce slathered over your food but at Jason Yong Tau Foo, you ask for the chye poh sauce instead.

Instead of simply covering your food with loads of chye poh sauce, your food items are stirred together with the chye poh sauce and yam rice in a claypot. While it is recommended for the claypot to be served with yam rice, some may prefer to have white rice served instead.

For those unfamiliar with chye poh, chye poh is actually pickled radish that is pretty salty and usually served with white rice. For the chye poh sauce here, it is sweet and savoury, giving a quite addictive taste.


It is a unique taste that you will not find at another Yong Tau Foo stall. Also, because it is served in a claypot, your food is really hot. You won’t have to worry about eating cold Yong Tau Foo, which you may have experienced before.

And They Serve CCF Too

Other than yam rice and white rice, they also have chee cheong fan that can be served with your claypot. The yam rice is cooked with dried shrimps and many pieces of chunky yam, giving you that thick yam flavour you can’t get enough of.

If you are tired of the typical Yong Tau Foo, give this claypot chye poh yong tau foo a try. Don’t say we bojio eh!

Jason Niang Dou Fu
321 Beach Road Singapore 199557
10AM-8PM Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday

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