LTA Conducted Operations in Yishun Dam That PMD ‘Racers’ Often Gathered & Seized 5 Devices


Sure, we’ve all heard about how helpful or dangerous personal mobility devices (PMDs) are. But have you ever heard of PMD races?

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) certainly has, and (metaphorically) crashed a race to seize illegal PMDs.

PMD Gathering at Yishun Dam

Seriously, why is it always Yishun?

On the night of 28 May, the LTA conducted an operation at Yishun Dam, where there was a PMD gathering.

Or, more specifically, PMDs that were modified, non-compliant with regulations, and unregistered.

These PMD gatherings were known to race in the area before and were endangering themselves and other road users.

Seized 5 Illegal PMDs

LTA’s Active Mobility Enforcement Officers seized four non-compliant PMDs, and one non-compliant Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB). Three of these devices were unregistered, while the other two had false or handwritten number plates.

The group was also caught riding their PMDs on roads and footpaths, which isn’t allowed. PMDs can only be used on cycling paths and park connectors, while PABs can only be used on roads, cycling paths, and park connectors.