Popular Traditional Bakery Near Bedok Bak Chor Mee Has Suddenly Closed Down

Regardless of which part of Singapore you live in or which era you were born in, you’re probably a fan of traditional, old-school buttercream cakes that bakeries all over the island used to sell.

These buttercream cakes have stolen the hearts of Singaporeans over the last decade, with various toppings such as icing, sprinkles, nuts and jelly icing making them nothing short of delectable.

In recent years, however, there has been a clear decrease in the number of bakeries that sell these cakes, making them all the more precious and iconic.

Unfortunately for east-siders, they’re going to have one less bakery to choose from when they try to satisfy their buttercream cake cravings now.

Popular Bedok Bakery Closes

As long as you’re a self-proclaimed Eastie, you’ve probably visited, or at least heard of L.W. Cake Shop.

Located near Block 85 Fengshan Hawker Centre in Bedok, the bakery used to price their cakes at an affordable $1.60 per slice, and was a pretty famous establishment for those in the area.

Recently, they increased their prices by $0.10, but clearly, that’s a small price to pay for soft, delicious cakes that we can sink our teeth right into.

However, it seems like the bakery will no longer be able to offer us a slice of nostalgia anymore, as it appeared to shut down without much fanfare a week ago.

Based on a customer’s Facebook post, the last day of business for the bakery was last Tuesday (26 April).

There were also several Facebook users who tagged the shop as their location, and posted videos of the now-shut down unit that had contractors inside of it.

Many netizens also expressed sorrow over the closure of the bakery, a testament to just how good their cakes were.

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Although the specific reason why L.W. Cake Shop decided to close down has not been revealed, a former customer had some information to share about a possible reason why the owners decided to close their bakery down.

In his post, he mentioned that the stall owners of a stall opposite the bakery mentioned that the owners of the bakery decided to retire.

“Apparently they are going to travel the world,” the patron added.

Upon reading that, many Singaporeans gave their blessings to the bakery owners and wished them a happy retirement as well.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Wilson Yeo)