Migrant Workers in Lorry Caught Rescuing Woman Trapped in Overturned Car at Chinatown

While many of us might be frightened out of our wits if we witnessed a car accident happen before our very eyes, some people might react in the exact opposite manner.

Recently on Saturday (30 April), a group of migrant workers and motorists were hailed as heroes after they were seen helping to rescue a woman who was trapped in her car after it overturned in Chinatown.

What Happened

Based on reports by Shin Min Daily News, a car overturned at Chinatown near Upper Cross Street, and the driver ended up being trapped inside her car.

The incident occurred at approximately 10.30pm on Saturday (30 April).

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

When the accident took place, a lorry that was carrying migrant workers happened to pass by the scene.

The lorry driver instantly stopped driving and pulled over, and the workers on the lorry also got off to offer their assistance.

Together with other motorists and road users, they were able to flip the car back over into an upright position and managed to rescue the driver afterwards.

According to AsiaOne, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) later confirmed that the incident did indeed happen, and was called to the scene to examine the driver.

The female driver was assessed to have minor injuries, but did not want to be sent to the hospital.

As for the damages done to the car, photographs of the incident revealed that the car door and body were damaged on the driver’s side. The car also seemed to have a cracked side window as well.

Netizens’ Response

Upon seeing how the migrant workers and motorists sprung right into action after witnessing the accident, many netizens expressed their admiration and praise for them.

Many pointed out how those who helped were extremely selfless, and said that they had earned the respect of Singaporeans.

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On the other hand, other netizens also mentioned that trying to flip the car back into its upright position could have possibly caused even more severe injuries.

There were also netizens who asked how did the accident even occur.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News