‘Blessing Booth’ at Woodlands HDB Corridor Has to be Downsized or Town Council Will Remove It


If you stay around Woodlands, you might have heard of a “blessing booth” in your area.

The “blessing booth”, which was set up at Block 185A Woodlands Street 13, collects pre-loved items from residents in the area, and those who need the items can take them from the area for free.

The booth has been running since September 2021.

However, Fitri Azura Selamat, the resident who set up the booth, recently revealed that she was told by the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council to either downsize the booth or have it removed.

The Town Council specifically said that it was due to how the booth was obstructing common property.

Azura opened up about the notice she received on Facebook last Tuesday (26 April), and asked for donors to stop sending items to the booth. She also emphasised the need for her to clear all the items that are still at the booth first.

“This is such sad news but I understand why they need us to remove [the items]. This is also for the safety of my fellow neighbours in case any unforseen circumstances happened on our floor,” she mentioned.

Azura, 30, set up her booth outside her HDB unit, which is on the 21st floor, last September.

Marsiling Yew-Tee MP Zaqy Mohamad also shared about the booth when it was first set up, and even called it a “wonderful initiative”.

Despite the successful running of the booth, Azura mentioned to Shin Min Daily News that there were many residents who came forth and donated their pre-loved items.

In the end, many of the things piled up outside her house as she did not have the time to sort through all the items.

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In the comments section of the post, many were saddened by the notice that Azura had gotten, and expressed their wishes to continue seeing the booth in the future.

Some users even tagged the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council’s Facebook page and asked if there were alternative solutions to work around the issue at hand.

Azura then posted in a pinned comment that the blessing booth would be downsized to minimise the amount of clutter along her corridor, and assured commenters that the booth was here to stay.


The Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council then replied, explaining that the Town Council has been collaborating with members of the Residents’ Network in order to find other solutions to ensure that the items can be stored properly.

It also brought up the possible move of the booth to an empty store at the void deck, which is also equipped with a CCTV surveillance system.

However, it would mean that all the items outside Azura’s house would need to be moved down from the 21st storey.

“While we support this great initiative and would like others to continue benefitting from it, the safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us,” it explained.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Raza Slmtzx)