M Ravi Said in SBS Drivers’ Trial That He Would be Asking Dr Mahathir for Help


In 2019, when our biggest fear on the streets was a speeding PMD and not the coronavirus, 13 bus drivers sued SBS Transit over overtime pay and working hours.

They claimed that they were made to work without a rest day each week and that they were also underpaid for overtime work.

All 13 bus drivers are represented by Mr M Ravi from (then) Carson Law Chambers.

Yesterday (22 Nov), a four-day hearing into the lawsuit began, but it isn’t the case itself that everyone is talking about.

Called SBS’ Lawyer a “Clown” & Accused Judge of Being Biased

At the beginning of the trial, Mr Ravi and SBS’ lawyer, Senior Counsel Davinder Singh, were discussing administrative matters related to a witness, when Mr Ravi said, “Don’t be a clown, just e-mail”, as he wanted to use the restroom.

When High Court judge Audrey Lim returned, Mr Singh said his counterpart had called him a clown and they were not able to amicably discuss the issue.

Mr Ravi denied this when asked and raised his voice, asking the judge if she is interrogating him. He also accused Mr Singh of preventing him from “answering nature’s call”.

This all happened over video call.

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Accused Judge of Being Biased

Another argument then broke out before they could get to the meat of the case.

Mr Singh said he had sent his colleague – Mr Timothy Lin – to Mr Ravi’s office, where he and his client, Mr Chua Qwong Meng, would be attending the hearing over video call.

However, Mr Lin was asked to leave Mr Ravi’s office, and said a police report had been made against him.

Yesterday, Mr Ravi had posted this on his Facebook Page:

Mr Singh said he had previously confirmed this arrangement with Mr Ravi, where Mr Lin would sit in Mr Ravi’s office while Mr Chua gave evidence.

Mr Ravi, however, said it was “shocking” that Mr Lin turned up, and called it a breach of privileged information as there were documents pertaining to the case in the room.

The judge explained that this is not an uncommon practice, and that it was put in place to ensure that Mr Chua’s evidence was being given without notes. Justice Lim added that Mr Ravi could make the same arrangement for when SBS’ witnesses are testifying.


She told Mr Ravi that he could either set up a camera to show that no one else is in the room while Mr Chua testifies, or place Mr Lin in a room behind Mr Chua, where he cannot see any documents.

To this, Mr Ravi said: “Your direction is wrong. I’m applying to you to disqualify yourself. You are biased because you asked Mr Singh’s lawyer to come to my office.”

Justice Lim refused to do so, which compelled Mr Ravi to file a notice of appeal. He later told the judge that he and his client would be discharging themselves from the case.

“My client said he doesn’t have faith in the system,” Mr Ravi said, adding that there was a breach of the right to a fair trial.

“I’m not participating in these proceedings. You can pass whatever judgment you want. I’m retiring soon,” he said earlier.


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Said Would be Asking Dr Mahathir for Help

At one point, Mr Ravi also said he would be asking “Dr Mahathir” for help.

He noted that 80% of the drivers are Malaysian and said he would be filing a case to the International Court of Justice.

The case was adjourned to next Monday, where Justice Lim will hear Mr Ravi’s formal application to discharge himself.

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