You’d Need About $1,000 to Get VTL Air Tickets to KL for CNY 2022 & It’s Only Nov 2021

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For people who have relatives in Malaysia, they must be at a dilemma: should they buy Vaccinated Travel Lane air tickets for next year’s Chinese New Year now lest they get sold out soon, or should they wait for any potential future easing of border controls that might lead to more ways to travel up north?

Well, read on and you might be able to make an informed decision.

You’d Need About $1,000 to Get VTL Air Tickets to KL for CNY 2022 & It’s Only Nov 2021

According to Johor Menteri Besar Hasni Mohammad, there would be a limit in the number of people who can cross to Malaysia via the land VTL, so come early next year, heading to JB to take a long bus ride to KL might not even be a possibility.

With many staying in their home countries for CNY 2020, the demand to head back to their hometown would definitely surge, so how much are we looking at?

Here are the prices for people flying from Singapore on 29 January 2022 (first day of CNY falls on 1 February 2022), and departing from Kuala Lumpur on 6 February (last weekend before most people start work on the next day) of the six available airlines that offer VTL flights as of now.

JetStar Asia

For Jetstar, the cheapest would be a departing flight at 7:15am, and a returning flight at 9:05am. This will set you back at a minimum of $855.53 before all the other fees.

Malaysia Airline

For Malaysia Airlines, it appears that there is no economy seats for VTL flights during that period, so both of them are business class seats.

For a departing flight at 2:30pm and a returning flight at 12:20pm, the total cost would be $999.40 before the taxes and other fees.

Malindo Air

There is no indication that these flights are VTL flights, but looking at the prices, it probably should be, but do call first to reconfirm.

The cheapest flights (and only flights, in fact) are a departing flight at 11:30am and a returning flight at 9:25am for a total price of $880.70 excluding taxes and fees.


There’s one issue with Scoot: there is no returning flight for 6 February (for VTL flight), so you’d have to return a day earlier at 5 February.

And if you think it’ll be cheaper, think again.

The departing flight is at 5:30pm, and the returning flight is at 7:30pm (remember, it’s 5 Feb). The total cost? $770.93 before taxes and other fees.

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Singapore Airlines

For SIA, there’s no departing flight (for VTL flight) for 29 January, so we’ve selected 28 January instead, which is a Friday.

The departing flight is at 5:30pm (so you can just take half a day off to take this flight) and the returning flight is at 5:30pm, too. The total cost? $976.60 before taxes and other fees, and just so you know, this is for economy hor.


For AirAsia, please make sure you book correctly: unlike other airlines that specifically indicate “VTL”, you’d have to look at the flight numbers to confirm that it’s a VTL flight.


The departing flight should be AK710 and the departing flight should be AK711.

But…for this extra inconvenience, the price is much lower. In fact, I’ve to spend some time doing some research to confirm this, so many people might not know about this, leading to a lower demand and therefore lower price.

The departing flight is at 11:45am, and the returning flight is at 10:05am. The total cost? $562.54 before taxes and other fees.

You’re welcome.


Unlike days when travelling to KL would cost less than $100, this is definitely a lot more expensive, but if you’ve done your homework and book a flight from AirAsia, it’d be much, much cheaper.

However, waiting might still work because remember: prices are determined by demand and supply, so should there be less restrictions in the borders control in the near future, the prices could take a nosedive.


Simply put, live with the uncertainty and go forth to make an informed decision!

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