Hidden Camera Footage of H&M Changing Room in M’sia Allegedly Being Sold Online


Last Updated on 2023-01-17 , 5:01 pm

While shopping for clothes is always a fun experience for most of us, it can sometimes turn into a horrifying mess.

Unfortunately, the latter was the case for some shoppers at an H&M store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The reason?

Recently, it was discovered that footage of shoppers trying on clothes in the store’s changing rooms was being sold online.

The videos included clips of individuals and couples changing in the changing rooms.

H&M Malaysia, the Malaysian branch of the Swedish retail chain, has since lodged a police report regarding the matter.

Here’s what happened.

Issue First Exposed on Twitter

Based on reports by The Star, this issue was first exposed on Twitter when Twitter user @meleisgw posted about it on 8 January.

Image: Twitter (@meleisgw)

In her now-deleted tweet, she claimed that she realised that someone had been filming H&M shoppers when she recognised herself as one of the victims in the videos.

She also attached screenshots of several videos, which showed that the videos were filmed from a top angle above the victims’ heads.

According to her, the video of her was taken around October last year.

After she posted her video, another Twitter user commented on her tweet and said that she saw a friend of hers in one of the videos.

Afterwards, @meleisgw apparently received a direct message (DM) on Twitter informing her that a police report regarding the issue has since been lodged.

Reaction from Public

Since the incident was exposed on social media, many netizens have questioned H&M for the company’s irresponsibility in ensuring that their stores are safe for their shoppers.

In particular, some have suggested that the victims should sue H&M.


On the H&M Facebook page, social media users have criticised the firm for being negligent, with some saying that the purported victims should sue the clothing company.

“Someone should file a case against your company. Especially with this acknowledgement of your negligence,” one commenter wrote.

Among other comments, others said that shoppers should boycott H&M.

Some also requested to know when the incident started and how long it has been going on for.

H&M’s Response

Since then, H&M has responded by informing the public via Twitter on Wednesday (11 January)  that it has lodged a police report regarding the matter.


It also emphasised that the company has since “conducted an inspection of the fitting rooms in all H&M stores in Malaysia” and is “working to ensure that there are no security breaches that will compromise the privacy of their customers”.

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Local Police’s Response

Noor Delihan Bin Yahaya, the district police chief of Dang Wangi, also addressed the issue on 11 January by confirming that investigations will be carried out in order to find out where and when the videos were taken.

He also revealed that the police report regarding this incident was made on Monday (9 January). According to him, this case is being investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code in Malaysia in relation to insulting the modesty of a woman.

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Featured Image: Redha Ali / Shutterstock.com + Twitter (@meleisgw)